LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. If listening is vital to success, why do studies show that we listen at only 25% efficiency?
More… but if you keep reading, you’ll see there are a couple of significant caveats about that answer. Let’s look at a hypothetical sales staff at WJIM. It might remind you of a few in your company.
When you look at this hypothetical sales team, you can see that there are three things a sales manager could do immediately to help the new business efforts. Commit to having these people be prepared, with training, coaching days, and a clear understanding of how smaller advertisers get results with your TV and digital products. A recent USA Today column by Michael Wolff, who wrote the book Television is the New Television, has me thinking.
If an advertiser wants to find an upscale audience (like the New York Times reader in Wolff’s article) they can do that for a fraction of the cost of actually buying the New York Times digital platforms.
When I was early in my selling career, I was taught about USP—our “Unique Selling Proposition.” What separates us from our competition? Tradigital is the spike an advertiser can see on their Google analytics when they’re on TV. Tradigital is what some broadcast groups are doing with the new solutions they’re launching for car dealers. If you’re a sales leader, the most important hour of your week is your sales meeting. Let’s stomp out crappy sales meetings and replace them with meetings that get people fired up about our company and our products.
Television advertising and digital options are extremely powerful and motivating tools, but they must have the right elements to be impactful. Your personal information (name, eMail, phone number and other contact data) will be stored in chosen customer systems primarily hosted in the United States. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, one or two of your transactional AE’s will do some new business. Start monitoring the actual diagnosis and presentations that go on each week. Not prospecting calls. Testing new hires should be mandatory to determine if they have the selling dynamics to be successful. I’m embarrassed at how many AE’s still start with no real training, and we wonder why they either don’t succeed or decide to leave us quickly.

If they can’t pay their bills, the pain of being new and facing the most rejection they have ever experienced makes it a real easy job to leave.
This year JDA will help TV sales staffs add over $50M in TV and Digital revenue using their UPGRADE Selling® process. Your digital services group can sell those products, but only until the revenue allows Google and Facebook to sell it themselves and eliminate you as the middle man.
An abundance of supply, and smart targeting, combines with lower pricing, and that undercuts the business model of every digital publisher.
That’s the marriage of traditional media with digital platforms in order to drive great results for advertisers.
Talk to your local car dealer about what a great offer and strong “selling” creative can do to spike website traffic. Our ability to marry the power of TV with the right digital solutions in a way that helps win the ultimate battle: results for our clients.
Here are 15 tips to make your sales meetings better, based on our observations of the best leaders in our business.
Make the launch of a new product or the launch of a critical revenue initiative, like football, a big deal. The best time for sales meetings? The team wants Tuesday so they can socialize on Monday morning. We partner with broadcast and cable television companies, providing customized media-specific programs and tools that uniquely increase revenue and make sales teams more effective. Each year the JDA team of consultants makes over 4800 local business sales calls with television account executives.
The JDA Senior Marketing Consultant team comes from diverse backgrounds and successful careers to ensure your success. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion.
Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. This information will be used by Coastal and DuPont, its affiliates, partners, and selected third parties in other countries to provide you with the product or service information requested. In the good old days we hired an AE to manage a book of business and asked them to do new business in their spare time. Replacing those two with sellers who might be stronger will increase your new business calls immediately.
Tradigital is using our digital platforms to add affordable frequency to a TV buy, and then using smart retargeting after the customer visits the client’s website.

Using this “feet on the streets” approach, we have perfected results-driven advertising, and through our Programs and Products you will benefit from that experience. Our market-exclusive, full UPGRADE Selling® Program focuses on the specialized needs of Ad Sales Organizations . Whether you need help creating more effective commercials that keep clients renewing, or a thorough training program for your new(er) AEs, we’ve got what works, AND at a price that produces an ROI even your business manager will love! Today, my sense is our experienced AE’s will increasingly be told that their priority is to do new business, and the reward for being great at that will be to handle transactional business. If you feel like you need some communication from them, do it with an email or for 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the meeting.
Having everyone bring in their favorite Super Bowl ad of all time a few weeks before the game is a great way to showcase the power of TV. The client shares their success and you have a meeting that excites people about your product AND is not the typical boring meeting.
We’ll sit side-by-side with you, your AE’s, and your clients to understand each client’s unique business needs and then design strategic, individualized presentations that will close business – lots of business. By providing your personal information, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement.
If you’re lucky, this hypothetical sales team may be making only about 10 actual new biz calls per week and even fewer new business presentations. Whatever you do, don’t put on a meeting where you say, “OK, guys, here’s this year’s football package.” What does that do to get people excited? It’s not the only answer, for sure, but it’s a biggie. And, one of the ways we can create more new business is to have more bodies on the street.
HOWEVER, a planned meeting on Tuesday is better than a lousy, ill-prepared meeting on Monday.
Year-round access to our team of knowledgeable top performers and LOTS of extra support, which will produce revenue that exceeds your investment many times more.
A huge % of the time is spent on housekeeping or other forms of minutiae, and the salespeople hate them.
Schedule time on your calendar on Friday afternoon to plan a GREAT sales meeting for the next week.

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