Here is a thought: How many additional customers could your business get if there was a kindly, professional operator attending to your calls live?
There are instances when website visitors may have questions before making a purchase and may not want to communicate via telephone, or may not have a phone available when they visit your website. Our Live Chat support outsourcing gives your business a way to provide support for customer service related issues. Our Live Chat support means customers don’t have to spend time on the phone waiting for help, which increases customer satisfaction. Call Center Pros would love to hear from you so we can learn more about how we can assist your business with our outsourced live chat support services.
By providing a chat agent as an alternative method for customers to communicate with your business, you can see increased sales on your website.

All of our outsourced live chat support agents are thoroughly trained in assisting customers in all areas of customer service and support related to your business.
Contact us today and we will be happy to prepare a proposal on how we can assist your business based on your needs. If you land in an intensive care unit sick enough for doctors to consider withdrawing life support, be warned. All Call Center Pros LiveChat Support Agents are fully trained about your business’ products and services to assist at all levels.
Additionally, they are trained in closing the sale with your customers in the best manner possible, thereby increasing the chances that the customer will make a purchase from your website. Quill, lead author of the study by researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.Quill and her team analyzed records of more than 269,000 patients treated in 153 ICUs in the United States between 2001 and 2009.

About 59 percent of the patients died in the ICU and another 41 percent survived to discharge, the study found.Particular patient characteristics accounted for most of the variability in decisions to withdraw life support, Quill acknowledged. That’s mostly because it would be too hard to envision every potential scenario, said Dr.
But even after age, illness, functional status and other factors were analyzed, the variation among ICUs to authorize a DFLST -- decision to forgo life-sustaining therapy -- was striking. Ten years ago, that might have been preferences for -- or rejection of -- specific treatments such as CPR or mechanical ventilation, experts say.Today, the discussion centers much more on the overall goals of care and the values of the patient.

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