Relationships are one of the main areas where people commonly look for help from the Law of Attraction. If there are 19 things about our partner that we love and 1 thing that drives us nuts and we focus on that one thing, it will seem that they’re doing it more and more often to annoy us.
Spend an evening going through old photos or videos, talk about happy memories – not from the perspective of yearning for the past, but in an atmosphere of shared history and happiness that you can re-create simply by remembering it. This is a Rolex Watch Live Wallpaper with animated Hour, Minute and ** a newly added SWEEPING Second hand movement. There is an alarm clock feature as well which activates when user taps twice at the center of the dial.

The truth is, we all have these irritating habits and our partners’ are probably no worse than our own. Alternatively, if they do 19 things that make us crazy and 1 thing that we adore and we focus on that one thing – we won’t even notice the other 19. Law of Attraction says that by focusing on what you appreciate, you attract more things to appreciate – so expect your partner to please you and watch them “change” to match your expectations. To add more flavor in this app, one watch design is now equipped with a working date feature. We get more of what we focus on, so it’s up to us to choose where we put our attention.

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