Early last year I came across one sentence that turned out to be the single most profound business concept and tool of 2011 (and perhaps my lifetime).
It caused me to fully rebrand and reposition Live Your Legend as well as my investment business. I believe it has everything to do with why Live Your Legend has experienced the rapid growth and success it has. In 2009 he wrote a book called Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. He often speaks upwards of 20-25 times a month and does much of his work with the United States Military. He’s been invited to do work with groups like Microsoft, Dell, SAP, Intel, Chanel, various government groups and Members of the United States Congress. My friend Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, first turned me onto Simon’s work (Jesse built his very successful chain of tea houses based on this core idea). And I’m especially grateful that he took a few minutes out of his totally insane speaking and travel schedule to relay the concept that completely changed my business. If you’re reading this in email, you need to click here to watch the video on Live Your Legend. 24:10 – When inheriting a team, how do you get them to align with you on the same Why? Simon has also provided a ridiculous amount of totally free and uncopyrighted videos and contents on his site, Start With Why.
On top of that, Simon has distilled his core concepts into an online course he calls the Why Discovery Course.
I recently completed Why University and it lead my business partner and me to come up with the most powerful positioning and point of differentiation for our investment business since we started it nearly four years ago.
Either way, the truth is that no matter how easy or challenging you find connecting, we all have moments of feeling uncomfortable and nervous when we connect with others, especially for the first time.
And given that next week 1200+ people in 102 cities and 65 countries around the globe are meeting up and connecting at our Live Your Legend World Party, it got us thinking about one of the biggest myths when it comes to connecting. So whether you consider yourself introverted or extroverted (or somewhere in between), today we are going to bust the myth around introversion and share with you the most powerful connection trait most introverts have that the rest of us can learn from. Using introversion (or extroversion) as a reason why you can’t do something is simply a big, fat excuse to keep you safe, to let you play small, and to get you ‘off the hook’ from fulfilling your true potential.
Because the truth is: having access to introverted qualities is actually an incredibly powerful asset, especially when it comes to connecting (which we’ll get to shortly) and they are traits that all of us can practice and become skilled in.
Scott Dinsmore, Founder of Live Your Legend, was a great example of someone who demonstrated a heavy preference for extroversion. So if introversion and extroversion have nothing to do with confidence, shyness, connection skills ,etc… how do you know where you sit on the spectrum?
Introversion and extroversion (and the ‘in between’: ambiversion) are predominantly determined by how you refuel your energy or how you recharge your batteries.
If you’re still unsure, Susan Cain from Quiet Revolution has a fantastic (and free) 10 Question Survey here.
So now that you’ve figured out whether you have the behavioural preferences of an introvert, extrovert or ambivert we want to be clear that wherever you sit on the scale, there are things we can learn from each other.
But today we want to focus on one of the most powerful connecting characteristics out there that just happens to be possessed naturally by most introverts and that all of us can practice. It’s easy to watch people go crazy at an event, telling their story and meeting tons of new people but what those people often forget to do is actually listen to the other people.
Charlotte Hosier, LYL community member and graduate of the Connect With Anyone course, is an amazing example of someone who, despite being a self-proclaimed introvert, uses her natural listening skills to help others unlock stories of what matters to them. Her introverted ability to listen deeply helped her interviewees open up and her introverted quality of ‘connecting the dots’ meant she could compile a succinct video of all the answers, which she published last October in honor of Scott. As demonstrated by Charlotte, an introvert’s ability to listen is built on the foundations of focus (by staying present), deepened when they repeat back what they hear, and then strengthened by asking clarifying questions ‘on topic’. Not only does this demonstrate to the other person you are actually listening and encourages them to go deeper, it creates one of the most powerful human experiences of all: being heard.
Listen: Take regular deep breaths while in a conversation and become present to the person in front of you.
Clarify: Get curious about them by asking clarifying questions like: ‘So what you’re telling me is that you spent 3 years building up the project that you just launched, is that right?’ ‘What’s that been like for you? Don’t be disingenuous – if you don’t find someone’s story very interesting, that’s ok. Resist the urge to look around the room for someone more ‘interesting.’ We can almost guarantee that the other person notices. Don’t interrupt or share how this reminds you of a similar story from your life – it hijacks the conversation, which can be highly irritating!
Don’t just wait for your turn to talk, practice dropping expectations that the conversation will eventually turn to you and be present. The first step to any sort of growth or personal evolution is awareness that you can and want to grow – and in that, you are recognizing that you need to learn from others! No matter where you fall on the spectrum, you can learn from those opposite of you – when you go into your connections and conversations with that mindset, and you’ll be amazed by how differently you start to hear others.
Let us know in the comments below – where do you fall on the spectrum and how would you benefit if you were open to learn from your opposite?
And for those of us that don’t find that this style of connecting comes naturally, remember that it takes practice. Before Scott left for Africa, he was putting the finishing touches on this second LYL Transformation Story. In the first Transformation Story (Alyssa), Scott explained that part of the change he’d kicked off in LYL in late 2014 was a focus on YOU, the members of the Live Your Legend community. And these LYL Transformation Stories are a double-whammy: these stories are for you, Living Legends, and about you.
To most people around me, I appeared to be a really productive and successful person, but I didn’t feel the same way. Flying through the air during a car crash, I thought about my girlfriend and all the plans we had that were going to just become nothing. The Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery Course was in my mind as I sat in the police car after the car crash. I had no experience with online platforms, hangouts, subscribers or email marketing, payment methods, memberships sites and that kind of stuff. Feeling alone without mentors or “road partners.” Everyone around me was either unhappy because of or happy despite their job. Not knowing about creating products, the tech side of the business or how to shape my passions into products or services that people would pay for.
Two years after the car crash I found myself working everyday on a business that I believe in and with people I love. LYL really helped me by constantly pushing me into action, eliminating excuses, showing me how real people were doing this kind of stuff, and giving me the first group of inspiring people I met after my original team through the mastermind group on CWA. And for the comments… Matias is happy to answer your questions, so please post some good ones below! Oh, and keep an eye out next Monday – I’m sharing my favorite tool for finding and deciding on a passion-based career!
But have you ever noticed that the busiest and most accomplished people never seem to say them? It’s no wonder why much of the world spins their tires on email, Facebook, Twitter and petty tasks and requests, complaining about hating their work and dreaming of a new career, while the Living Legends change the world.
The simple purpose is to connect your dreams, outcomes, and desires to the actions you take on a daily and weekly basis. Remember, there’s a free workbook download of the full process at the bottom of this article for you to actually fill out each week. Just be sure you do it before you start any of your weekly tasks, and especially before you check email!
Do This: Look back through your notes and ideas from last week and list all the lessons that come to mind. Decide on on a maximum of 6 to 7 outcomes you want to accomplish related to the various areas in your life.
One of my big outcomes for this week is: writing this article and the free workbook to go with it (you can download that at the bottom). Look at your 6 to 7 weekly outcomes and decide what core tasks will need to happen to accomplish these.
There is a reason why the people who get the most done tend to continue to be able to do more and more of what matters. If you are not a subscriber yet, entering your email below will give you immediate access to our full suite of free tools and you’ll get an update every time a new article comes out, as well as some other exclusive subscriber-only content. Not long ago I attended an event with Sir Richard Branson and a bunch of other entrepreneurs. It’s the primary foundation of not only my own confidence and productivity, but that of almost every successful lifestyle entrepreneur and CEO on the planet.
How is a CEO of one company able to found another one on the side, while administering his charity and still taking the occasional family trip? Yet somehow, from space travel to deep sea exploration, to music and cell phones, this guy has literally been able to accomplish a bazillion times more than the average Joe. Most problems, and especially those related to motivation, come from inside ourselves – From our physical body and how much we do or do not respect it. How many terribly overweight and unhealthy people do you see among the people who have knocked it out of the park – especially ones doing work they truly enjoy? Sure there are some, but for the most part, the people who do well (by whatever measure) have realized that the more they respect their body, the better it will perform for them. When it comes to the outside world, we are in less control than we think (aside from how we interpret what happens to us, which is a whole separate, and hugely powerful discussion). The confidence is massively transferrable – So why not build it in a realm you have complete control over and then transfer it to an area you don’t?
Just yesterday morning at the Crossfit gym in SF, I hit a new personal record for one of their main lifts (a hang-clean). No matter what happened the rest of the day, I still had my workout (and the burning chest as a nice reminder). The problem is most the world works out not because they want to, but because they feel they should. Given our craving for variety and how quickly we get bored with the norm, especially with working out, I decided to break my activity into 30-day bursts. I encourage you to use the above steps and apply them to a different 30-day challenge every month or two. Rock climbing (gym or outdoors) – pick a face the first day you hope to conquer by month’s end.
Swim Fast Escape from Alcatraz and across the Golden Gate swims – with a group of 12-year-olds. Pick a different staircase to run each day in San Francisco- we found a great guide book for this.
Cross-country Crossfit (high intensity 10-20 minute workouts) – I did this challenge last year remotely with my buddy in the Navy in Maryland using his Crossfit website. I do them because when I lift a little more weight, run a little farther, swim a little longer or eat a little healthier, I become a different person.
They do it for the person it makes them and for the way they’ll be able to impact the world as a result. There is no health benefit to being bigger, faster or stronger than the person checking himself out in the mirror next to you.
I’ve created a PDF workbook of the top 27 questions I’ve found that will help you find your passion and live on purpose. If you want immediate access to the free guide, then just click the “Share to Get” button below.

Our family rented a house in a small town in the Italian countryside and most of our days have been spent exploring hillside towns, cooking long meals (with ungodly amounts of pesto) and hauling numerous empty bottles of local wine down the hill (the garbage men are starting to wonder…). From the outside looking in you could easily think a trip like this has been terribly unproductive from a business perspective.
In the last two weeks, among other things, I’ve come up with two new book ideas, the framework for a comprehensive course on living off your passion, some strategies on how to communicate it to all you and about 25 article ideas.
Judging by some of the comments below, it sounds like some of your aren’t comfortable using the Twitter or FB share options. So that everyone gets to benefit from the workbook, if sharing is not your thing, I’ve added the PDF to the Epic Work Toolkit which is free to all Live Your Legend email subscribers.
My only intention with this post and workbook was to offer up more free value to further help all of you do work you LOVE. But I can also link almost all of my business and personal success back to the friends I’ve met – often at events that could have felt just like that. In a couple days, a lot of the LYL community will be heading to Portland for the World Domination Summit – probably my favorite event of the the year for hanging around people doing the things you didn’t think could be done. It is experiences like this that have made environment and connection the heart of how LYL helps people find and do work that matters.
So this is meant to be a resource for you to return to before or during a live meetup of any kind – conference, event or just connecting with someone new at the cafe down the street. You could also make a Twitter list so you can follow and interact with them during the event.
I shared this rule at my How to Connect With Anyone talk at WDS in 2012 and the next day, a woman named Erica wrote me an email.
Last Saturday I spent the day with Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Bill Gates (and a few other pretty successful guys). There’s a lot you can learn from spending 7 hrs in possibly the most powerful, smart and wealthy room in the world.
Imagine what would be involved in Walmart doubling their current store base from 9,000 to 18,000? This weekend and the people that have become a part of my life as a result deserve huge credit for how I approach life and the investment fund I’ve found that my partner and I love running. If anyone would like to join me next year, leave a comment below and I’ll see to it that you get the same warm welcome I did.
Please email this to one person who’d like it and Tweet to any and all fellow learners using the links below. He’s also presented his ideas to the Ambassadors of Bahrain and Iraq, at the United Nations and to the senior leadership of the United States Air Force. If you decided to learn and implement only one concept this year, I’d suggest it be what Simon shares in this video.
If you want to take it a step further and make this stuff a part of your world, I highly recommend you check it out. We tend to lump people into the extrovert or introvert bucket, but the truth is that in any given situation, someone who is normally extroverted can become introverted and vice versa. So whether you identify as an introvert, extrovert or otherwise, it’s just a reflection of what your behavioural preference is. Note: Many of you may already understand what it means to be extroverted or introverted and how it’s actually measured, but we highly recommend reading on and also taking the free test below to see where you currently sit on the spectrum and if that has shifted at all. How connected did you feel to that person as they finished talking all about themselves only to swan off to the next person? Exactly!
It sounds so simple, but if you don’t take the time to hear someone’s story and get interested in what their life is about you simply cannot have a real connection.
And that’s why it is so powerful to highlight that everyone has something to offer, no matter what stereotype society places on someone or something. If all this connecting talk scares the hell out of you, then now is the perfect time to test this out in a safe environment!
I spent a lot of time “achieving” what others expected, being afraid of failure, and postponing what really mattered to me.
Realizing that everything might end at any moment gave me a new sense of purpose, gratitude and focus on what’s important. I had worked hard for stuff that didn’t feel important, and realized that the key was to put the same effort and focus into the stuff that did. A couple weeks later I also joined How to Connect With Anyone for more guidance and company. This one act took things to another level, because we went from being lonely to leading a local community, building confidence and credibility by doing so. I grew up thinking that a job was something you did in order to pay for the stuff you really loved. I?ve traveled a lot and constantly get new opportunities to use my passions to help others through writing or speaking. Nothing is as exciting and crazy as helping people through something you created, and seeing how real the impact and ripples are. If you feel lost, you go through the  Live Off Your Passion course and say, “Okay, now I know what I want to do and have an idea of how to do it.
I’ve also included a free Weekly Planning Worksheet download at the bottom, to make sure this stuff is super easy for you to do. It’s not because they were born with something special or only sleep three hours a night. Without a process for doing what matters, on a daily and hourly basis, the odds will kill you.
I find very little logic in starting from scratch these days – I prefer to build off of what already works. They’ve worked together for nearly two decades (like from before most people knew who Tony was). This could be creating a personal budget, cooking a healthy meal or having a great meeting with a mentor.
These need to get done, but not at the expense of the things that help us accomplish what actually matters. If I put it off until the end of the month, this stuff turns into more of of a mental monster than it needs to be. If you think it’s going to take an hour to write an article, then schedule an hour and a half.
Given this process, front-weight your most important tasks so that no matter what comes up, at least a few of them will get done. How is it that the more accomplished the person, the more it seems they’re able to get done?
A new client can fire you, but no one can stop you from coming home that night and running a faster mile than you’ve ever run, or adding a few pounds onto your favorite lift. The fastest and best way to literally add minutes to your day is to get off your ass and start moving and breathing.
Create your schedule. Ideally first thing in the morning, because that gives it the best chance of actually happening. This allows me to try all kinds of adventures and to seriously go after the activity at hand without getting burned out. The 13-week program is one of the best I’ve experienced for full body muscle, cardio and flexibility. These come from what I’ve learned from everyone from Tony Robbins to the Dalai Lama and best-selling authors to business experts.
In fact, I think it’s the most valuable part of living on purpose, building a business and keeping yourself doing work that matters. To recognize the passions you take for granted and the purpose that may have been calling you for years, but had long gone ignored. And I’ve come down to a list of the top 27 that will help you find your passion and live on purpose.
Since I want these to help as many people as possible, I ask that you do one small thing in exchange for the gold below: share this post on Twitter or Facebook so others close to you can experience it as well. After sharing this article on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll immediately have access to the free 27 question PDF. That’s totally fine and that does not mean you shouldn’t get access to this killer workbook! Obey The 3-Second Rule. I first learned this from a professional pickup artist years ago, but it works magic with any new person.
Be interesting, ask interesting questions and become contagious. Do whatever you can to interrupt the usual small talk pattern. Create a time limit. This is especially important for influential people who are constantly being bombarded. Find a way to connect in real-time within a few weeks. If you care about keeping up, prove it.
The problem is that people see straight through the bull sh*t and it kills rapport. Be open, vulnerable and unapologetically you.
We have a whole module on Building Your In-Person Community in our Connect With Anyone course.
Consider it a PhD-level education in life, career, relationships and passion, with some value investing sprinkled on top. Buffett had no obligation to bring this up, especially regarding someone who had just done him wrong.
But all that’s really happened in the 80 years since then is the standard of living has improved.
Continuous learning is absolutely required to have any significant achievement in the world.
If I had 20,000 new subscribers join tomorrow (spread the word!), my cost and time investment in the business wouldn’t change a bit (except for a few more comments to reply to). It’s more fun to create partnerships with people to do meaningful things than try to outsmart other people out of money. Few people are more open and generous with their life philosophies, successes and failures. John, the father, and I got to talking about what we’d learned in the past few days, how I ran my business and the enjoyment of being around people like all of us. Simon Sinek is now considered one of the preeminent thinkers both on leadership strategy and passionate work around the world. It’s full of videos, exercises and stories to help you nail your Why, and is currently being used by individuals and companies all over the world. It’s all about the comfort threshold for that particular person in that particular situation. Your real power comes from being able to get off your default mode, and start to gain flexibility across the entire spectrum.
One of the reasons he was able to connect so well with everyone was because he took the time to practice traits embodied by introverts – and those traits became some of his superpowers. You can simply say, “Thank you for sharing with me.” Or you can always find a way to be more compassionate (thinking less about you, more about them) and the story will likely become more interesting.
Don’t forget to join us next week at The Live Your Legend World Party on February 9th…woo hoo!!! And yet in the back of his mind was the nagging feeling that something better was out there, if he could only figure out what it was.
With so many stories and tools, I started to realize it was my responsibility to do something with them. We’ve grown from a team of four in a small city in Argentina to a community of more than 2,500 people around Latin America and Spain.
Tony Robbins connects and speaks with tens of thousands of people a year, all over the world, and still manages to launch new ventures non-stop. During one of our first sessions she shared Tony’s (and her) weekly planning process.

At first this is as counter-intuitive as working out – but no matter how crazy your schedule is, you will be more effective, confident and calm if you take time before you jump into the storm.
Anything and everything positive goes – having a record sales week, getting a rewarding thank you, having a hot date or sticking to your workout.
Write down any key learnings from the past week: major lessons, meaningful quotes and things that inspire you. You should see my Apple iCal – it looks like someone spilled a pack of Skittles on it with all the self-appointments for each big task related to my Areas of Attention. It’s totally free and I encourage you to use this as your template to actually fill out each week.
Do you have any idea how empowering it is to be in full control of something and actually use it to your advantage? Think of what happens to your mind if all of a sudden you watch yourself shed 40 pounds, especially after people around you doubted it would happen. One thing’s for sure, Living Legends know how to ask the right questions and I want to share the very best of them with you! Once you confirm your subscription you’ll be sent a link to the free 27 Passion Questions PDF as well as all the other killer tools in the toolkit. You think about darting for the door or at least jumping on your phone so you don’t look like a total loser. Friends who not only understood me, but who showed me a new type of possibility – one that landed me right here. We do not try to dominate the conversation, shove our product or website down their throat or think about how we can use them to move up some ladder.
No matter how unknown or well known someone is, we all share fears of being in a room with no familiar faces, feeling lonely and not fitting in. Sure, you want to meet people to help build out whatever you’re working on, and that will come. Some of the most important interactions often end up being the people you never saw coming. But you still want to create as much luck as possible.
Anything is better than nothing, because it takes you from being a no-name in a sea of faces to being an actual person with a story (who had the courage to say hello). The more you know your experiences, the higher your odds of quickly finding similarities as you ask questions and learn their story. If someone is quiet and reserved, you being your wild and crazy extroverted self will likely turn them off. Don’t sit in the same place during every session or eat or stand in the same area throughout the weekend. In your follow-up, thank them for something specific and find a way to offer an idea, article, talk, book, whatever that might help with something they mentioned when you met.
This connects way better than some Superman story, and makes people actually enjoy being around you. David Sokol, one of Berkshire’s most highly touted former managers, reminded us all of this a few weeks back. Sure there’s all kinds of things to worry about with the economy, environment and all else.
Ok so I guess I found one investing-related lesson worthy of inclusion here, as it applies to all of us, especially entrepreneurs. The same goes for all kinds of information product businesses, which I know a lot of you run or are considering running. Whether you’re starting a business or learning a new skill, you never want to be in too big of a rush.
Warren said the best diploma he has is from a Dale Carnegie public speaking couse he took in 1951 for $100.
A new investment manager, Todd Combs, was recently hired for Berkshire to help take over when Warren and Charlie are gone. Most the time the only thing that keeps you from experiencing them is having the interest in the first place. Now I know it’s up to me to create and spread value, and if I do so in the right way, there’ll always be a way to make a living out of it.
I can’t even count how many passionate and amazing people I’ve met or how many new things I’ve learned. Or even my biggest mentors, who get 100x more requests for their time than I do, always seem to be free for a last minute call or lunch. Now look at each major area in your life  and the related goals (in the Goal Setting and Action workbook, we call these Areas of Attention).
Give yourself time to take care of last-minute stuff that matters, and to be spontaneous with things. Open up the latest edition of Forbes and check out the Forbes 400 richest men and women in the U.S. In business (and much of life), you can do things to stack the deck in your favor, but a prospect can still slam a door in your face. If you can lose 40 pounds, then why couldn’t you double sales in your business next here? Treat them as friends you’ve yet to meet and the rest of this stuff becomes pretty obvious.
Write down the names and a few notes about the people you know will be there who you’d love to connect with.
Remind them who you are, let them know you’re excited to meet and how and when you hope to cross paths. The rule is simple: When you see someone interesting to talk to, you have three seconds to walk up and say hello. It’s a fun way to remember folks, get them to remember you and also great for follow-up. What’s your 30-second story of who you are, what you’re doing and why you care so much? An easy exercise for this is to write a 1-2 sentence true story about yourself for every letter of the alphabet (My friend Tynan taught me this one). Anytime you notice yourself pulling it out because you feel alone, use it as a trigger to apply the 3-second rule.
If natural rapport and conversation grows from there, go with it, but still only stay a few minutes. Also make an agreement with a few friends that you’ll introduce each other to the people you meet. Share unique experiences – get up early for a workout, jump in the river or go bungee jumping (if that’s your thing). If your child feels entitled to something, you’re probably the one at fault, not them. Warren didn’t know much about speed reading programs but he suggested finding the most effective one out there and taking it. Now that I already have a business,  LYL has been a way for me to keep moving forward, tweaking and improving.
Just take your current level and add a bit more weight or a few more laps (or even just a few extra meters). I always do before pictures (those are especially motivating) and after, as well as measure the main areas of your body (thighs, waist, arms, chest, butt). You can compete and compare with your friends, enter into challenges and all kinds of other stuff. Do some research on their current projects and know what you want to say when you happen to connect. Make it a super short email and follow with a couple tweets or other social mentions so they can associate your face with the name and note.
Wait longer and you’ll either overthink it and screw it up or overthink it and never approach. Have something sharp and concise, but be ready to modify to fit the person you’re talking to.
Ask about fun things like recent adventures or what they’re most excited about right now.
Make it a game to listen so intently that you pick up on how you can uniquely relate and help. Skip a session for an afternoon beer with new friends, go out and do some partying together, get your dance on, stay late, get a little tipsy.
Take this approach with every one of your relationships-business partners, friends, employers, teachers.
Kids who are very interested in learning will continue working regardless of how rich or privileged they are. As a result much of the western world has ended up in debt and a lot of trouble all for an extra room or two in their house, a few more horsepower in their car or a certain label on their jeans. A year and a half later that turned into a mentoring service, live workshops, a membership site and a book in the writing. Look at Tony Robbins, Barack Obama, George Bush, Stephen Covey, Eckhart Tolle, Yvon Chouinard, Simon Sinek, Chip Conley, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. I tend to get a little crazy with this stuff and actually for the past couple months have been getting my body fat tested in Redwood City at the Body Composition Center (the same place that did all of Tim’s measurements for the 4-Hour Body). I invited all of you, and usually also include a bunch of personal friends and people I’d love to meet. These are the non conference things that bring your guard down and turn acquaintances into lasting friends.
Since everything takes time to do, we need to assign actual time to the things that matter most to us. Or even in the online world with Leo Babauta, Chris Guillebeau and Tim Ferriss, whom we talked about last week. By far my favorites are Runkeeper and Fitocracy – which happen to work really well together too. They have an insanely accurate $300k DEXA bone density scanner that also measures body fat.
As soon as you realize you’re in the same place as everyone around you, new faces start to feel a lot more welcoming. Any smile is better than none, but also try not to grin like some connection-deprived clown. This generally means seeing the big long-term picture, not just what’s in front of your face.
Then he read over 700 books on psychology and became the leader in a field he never officially went to school for. The guys run marathons, constantly break their own records and push themselves physically almost daily. Notes will make you much more likely to remember them during the event and follow up with something meaningful once it’s over.
If ever in doubt, imagine whatever you do will be reported by an informed reporter the following day in your local newspaper for your family, children and closest friends to read. Hearing your own name makes people feel on top of the world, especially from someone you wouldn’t expect to remember. A few years ago, I was at an event where I saw one of my biggest mentors and hugely successful author wander around looking for a place to eat – so I invited him to join us. Made for a hell of a lunch.

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