Live Your Dream Pinterest Pictures, Live Your Dream Facebook Images, Live Your Dream Photos for Tumblr. The Football Federation of Armenia (FFA) hosted an event featuring five teams from Yerevan and Ararat. In addition to the LYG festivals listed above, events were also held in Republic of Ireland, Moldova and Paraguay. Whether you are in the UK or overseas we want you to receive your order quickly and safely.
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It was officially launched by Belfast Lord Mayor Nichola Mallon, as well as LYG Ambassador and former international Helen McKenna.
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Seventy girls aged 10-17 gathered together to enjoy the beauty of the game, participating in a variety of activities organised by local instructors. The Irish Football Association also embarked on a series of FIFA girls’ football roadshows commencing in Enniskillen before moving on to Cookstown, Greysteele, Jordanstown and finishing at the Waterworks in Belfast. The project also aimed to encourage the participation of all in the local community (girls and their parents, teachers and volunteers) in football activities.

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