Do you often ask yourself questions like, “Why does this always happen to me” and “Why am I always doing everything wrong?” or “Why did he do that to me?” Now, do you honestly expect to get an empowering answer from these types of questions? Questions are very powerful and can have a tremendous impact on your life, but like most things of great power they can harm you just as much as they can help you. Let me share with you 12 powerful questions that will ensure that you are on the path to success in life. This is a great question to help you articulate what you really care about and discover what your true life purpose is.
Often where you spend your time and money holds clues to help you discover your life purpose.
You definitely want to sleep on this question, as Confucius reminds us “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Think hard and find a way to get paid to do what you are passionate about!
We often lose track of what really matters in life until a tragic event brings us back to reality. This question is very empowering because it will help you go beyond your “reality” which currently dictates to you what is possible or not possible. Any goal without exception and regardless of its size is nothing more than a succession of tiny steps taken every day.
Each time you do something, ask yourself: Is this really what I should be doing right now or is there something else that I could be doing that would have more impact on my work?
It is very easy to waste time doing unnecessary things or to procrastinate by doing tasks that are not essential.
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If you're coming in for just a guest spot, or you're playing here and there, then you might want to try just downloading Scratch Live and hooking up your laptop to the SL2 that's probably in the club.
If you're only doing a short guest spot, then in my opinion you should leave it all home and just burn some CDs. You definitely want to own your DVS audio interface and have it with you in case they have a malfunction, not at all there, the club one gets stolen, etc.
Also not a bad idea to have a portable controller to work in tight spaces, where even the NS7 would be impratical. I agree with the first 2 responses except for the fact that "bedroom controller" is not quite the word that i would use for describing the NS7. You need to write down what you are likely to encounter in a club,then cover all bases in the simplest way you can. No need to worry about vinyl unless you are a cut and scratch dj the turntable is a thing of the past and you will rarely see one in the dj box least not over here. Key here is that whilst software mixing is great and can be more creative you must also be able to do the job manually as well,its a bit like driving a car if you learn in an automatic thats all you can drive your choices are limited however if you learn in a manual gear change car you can drive either or with no worries. I'll answer your question, which was: “I’m pretty sure I need to get a more portable controller than the one I have and I was looking at the Vestax VCI-300, but that runs on ITCH. Answer: If they have an open channel on the mixing board for you and you have the proper cabling, YES YOU CAN!
Right now it seems that we are in a period of transition so setups have probably never been more varied than they are now.
There is one controller that I have found to work with Serato Scratch live (at least the SL3 box ) and that is the Numark Mixdeck Universal DJ system. I really like the mixdeck as it only cost me around $400 for a used one and the case was about $150.
One last thing, I can't see serato itch being the future (at least not the near future) as it depends on the laptop's soundcard, and unless you can get a 24bit soundcard with 48khz built into the laptop, the sound quality will never match up to scratch live. My rules for life are simple : live everyday like its your last as you never whats round the corner whats gonna happen to you or the people around you !
Kati your videos are amazing but i have a question which is are we using the #katifaq like normal FAQ’s?

Josh Hillis' Fat Loss and Fitness BlogWhere the fact and fiction of celebrity fitness collides with hard core fat loss basics. And the great news is, when you order the Transformation Solution Program before the deadline tonight, you’re invited to join Bill and Brooke LIVE to ask your questions! Over 8000 people are already on the path to being lighter, more energetic and happy with The Transformation Solution. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Only when used wisely can the right question at the right time have the power to totally shift your perspective and literally transform your life. If you hesitate when answering this question, perhaps you are not as happy as you would like to be. You don’t need to – and please do not – wait for such an event to remind you of what’s most important in life.
Remember that your beliefs are nothing more than your subjective interpretation of reality – not reality itself. If you are not taking those steps today, always assume that you won’t take them tomorrow either. It is a fantastic way to assess whether or not you are taking enough action to achieve your specific goal.
Make sure that you check often to see if what you are doing now is really what you should be doing.
This way when time really does come to take your last breath, the tears that run down your face will be tears of fulfillment and gratification rather than regret.
What the Others Think20 Powerful Beliefs That Will Push You Toward Success12 Lies You Keep Telling Yourself And Must Stop NowHow to Stop Being a Victim and Imagining the Worst (and Take Back your Personal Power).The Theory of Scarcity and How It Can Change Your Life12 Mind-blowing Tips for Increasing Your Overall Positivity! They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Maybe its just the style of venues but most places here don't have a traditional DJ booth or house gear. Many times you will be using whatever equipment was brought in by the DJ willing to lend his equipment for the night. If you go find some pix online of the rear of the controller, you will notice that it has outputs for each cd player (or in my case usb) which you hook up to the SL3 box, and then it also has inputs (use the output from the SL3 box) for you to bring back into the mixer.
One thing though, ITCH uses the sound cards built in to the controllers it is licensed to work with - not the laptop. You'll also get weekly news and offer emails and exclusive access to members-only DJ training. Re-Energize with 6 New Craftsy ClassesPrep for Holiday Parties With 7 Giftable FREE PatternsShop Top Classes for $14.99, One Day Only! Bill just heard from Brooke Burke the beautiful and fit host of ABC’s hit TV show, Dancing With The Stars, and she has agreed to join Bill for a LIVE online seminar to reveal her secrets for staying fit and healthy as a busy parent with a demanding career.
I'm learning a lot coupled with having a DJ mentor on board, and I'm sure I'll be out and playing soon. The question I have is a very novice one.
My goal is to familiarize myself with various softwares so that I can prepare for most situations.
Why on EARTH would you want to use CD players when there are houndreds of better controllers out there which can make you do SO much more and are WAY more accurat?! Typically, you'll be able to make space enough for your DJ rig (Computer and Controller) wherever a DJ would put their CD binders. And then you can output again back into the sound system that you are using as well as a recorder. I like the mixdeck because it is very portable, and all's you need is your cables, the mixdeck, your laptop, and the scratch live box. Does that mean that you can't use itch without a controller that has a sound card built into it and specifically designed for Itch?

Because We’re Thankful for YouYour TV, Your Craftsy: Get the Best View of Your Classes Jumpstart Christmas In July with 7 Festive Free Patterns! With me on the live hangout will be our very own Jessica May, a longtime member of our community. I have a NS7 and it runs with Serato ITCH, but the club I want to DJ at runs with Serato Scratch Live. I would recommend getting a DVS (Serato or Traktor) and learning to use turntables or CDJs. So if you choose Traktor for instance; you can be a controllerist one day and a turntablist the next on the same system. When the DJs that still use CD's retire or see the light, the Pioneer CDJs won't be a part of a standard DJ booth setup any more. The one downside is that the mixdeck is not as sensitive as the cdj's and will most likely take some getting used to. Join now to comment, and to get access to exclusive site content including our friendly forum, plus weekly news and offer emails. Envisioning yourself dying is the best way to ensure you enjoy the present and live a life without regret.
I don't intend to bring my NS7 to the club as they are all set up pretty much but I'm wondering, should I get another controller?
Depending on where you decide to take your DJ career it could be well worth it to have the versatility to use different setups.
Plus there is no way to use the onboard effects (since the effects are on the cd player and not the mixer side), which is why you will need to buy a simple midi controller that you can midi the serato effects into, such as the Korg Nano Kontrol2. I have access to a set of Technics and SL2 from the company I contract DJ for but I prefer to use my own NS7. This means that you cannot control the song using the controller until you rewind or replay the track. Is there a learning curve between Scratch and ITCH?I'm pretty sure I need to get a more portable controller than the one I have and I was looking at the Vestax VCI-300, but that runs on ITCH. The Technics are too damn heavy (NS7 not much lighter), but the case itself is more compact and any space I can save is a bonus. The way I solved this was to use ableton to cut and paste the first ten minutes of the original timecode together and made a 99 minute track that basically made it longer than I would need for any typical set. But be warned, you need a lot of editing skills to do this, as you will have to zoom in at each break to make sure that the wavelength lines up perfectly, otherwise you will have serious issues and cracking sounds when the track goes over what you edited during play. Ashley is a craft editor who left her job at Martha Stewart to freelance in North Carolina and write her blog, The Feisty Redhead. How does this work in the DJ world?"Digital DJ Tips says:You're confused between two different systems. He and another buddy of mine, the guy who got me into the NS7 have been using these things since they came out and swear by them.
If this is too complicated, just stick with the original cd that scratch live comes with and dont forget to replay the track as it gets to the end. Let me explain.Serato Scratch Live (SSL) is designed to work with record decks or CDJ players and mixers - ie standard club gear. It's the only all digital control that I've messed with that didn't feel like a cheap toy with crappy crossfaders and I've tried them all. Today I was just looking at a Novation Twitch to use because I honestly don't scratch all that much and definitely not at every event so the Twitch sounded like a good lightweight option. Got my hands on it and the crossfader and channel volume sliders felt like cheap plastic crap.

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