Carol Tuttle has been a leader and pioneer in the personal development world as an alternative psychotherapist for nearly 2 decades. The full overview of Energy Profiling teaches a comprehensive study of the 4 Energy Types and how they express in the nature kingdom and human nature. Best-selling author Carol Tuttle provides compelling and life changing answers to these simple questions. Carol Tuttle has developed a full online assessment that will allow you to learn not only your energy profile, but the attributes of others, and the inherent relationships to nature. With her newest book, Dressing Your Truth: Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile, alternative psychotherapist and energy profiler Carol Tuttle is helping to heal women from the negative self-talk that takes place in dressing rooms around the world. This is a spiritual self-help book with emphasis on reaching out to the love of God and His angels.
In this live coaching session Carol will help you learn your dominant nature and the inherent gifts and qualities that define you.

In this 20 minute audio, bestselling author, Carol Tuttle shares intriguing insights to how we lose touch with our core true nature as children which often puts us at odds with our greatest gifts and talents as we grow into our adult years. It includes personal profiling assistance and specific details on how to learn Body Profiling. You will see how what you thought were your weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths. This is a complete class that allows you to discover your internal nature, and you will be able to determine your own Energy Profile type. Profound and practical, Remembering Wholeness offers sage advice on everything from misconceptions about love, the crucial importance of forgiveness, and how to avoid emotional ruts, to the strength of mental energies as fortification against sickness and charity as a high expression of love for Christ.
She will help you see where you are living contrary to yourself in the areas of your health, money, and key relationships.
Carol also shares why you want to uncover the truth of your true nature and the benefits you will experience as a result of finding yourself and your truth!

By taking this interactive course, you will learn what Energy Profiling is, and you will see tangible improvements in your life. A profound, highly recommended and insightful book, Remembering Wholeness is a highly recommended addition to inspirational and self-help, self-improvement reading lists. Carol will share guidelines and tips on how to live more true to your nature in these 3 primary areas of life to help you create more joyfulness, abundance, and harmony. Energy Profiling is a unique system that helps define personality traits, as well as human behavior and physical characteristics, to reveal the true you.

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