Give back and help your kababayan in need.Donate financial and material support, and organize surgical and medical missions in your hometown. Share your skills and expertise with your fellow Filipinos.Volunteer and be a catalyst for the development of Filipino communities through employment training and mentoring, poverty reduction, enhancement of social solidarity and integration of minority groups.
View several interactive maps that that will guide you on the classroom shortages, poverty threshold index, and medical mission activities in the Philippines, and how much the LINKAPIL Program has assisted communities in various municipalities and provinces. PhilSmile makes the payment for your children’s education back in the Philippines much easier. Towards a longer term impact, Filipinos overseas also supported the educational needs of some students in the public schools in the Philippines. REPAIR OF ONE DAMAGED CLASSROOMS AT THE SANTIKAN PRIMARY SCHOOL IN SAN DIONISIO, ILOILOConstruction is currently on-going and is expected to be completed at the end of November. MOTORIZED PUMP BOATS AND FISHING NETS FOR FISHER FOLKS IN SAN DIONISIO, ILOILOFishing materials and fishing boats materials have been purchased and turned over to the beneficiaries. Economically disadvantaged women in villages and urban slums of Kurnool District lack education and employable skills; they migrate to cities in search of low-skill jobs. To encourage women empowerment, we assist them in establishing the unit, purchase of raw material and sale of finished products. There is great demand for computer trained professionals in Kurnool town and other districts of Andhra Pradesh.
Help us in achieving our aim by donating us or sending us items which can be used by the needy.

He also said that if the candidate is selected with Westside than the candidates will get all the facilities which are available in Westside like PF, paid leave etc. We tie up with garment factories for supply of ready made garments, social welfare department for supply of school uniforms, with wholesale cloth merchants for supply of petty coats, baby dresses.
Considering this demand, we have developed a computer education project as part of skills development initiative.
The course duration is six months with batch size of 20 students; the curriculum includes basic cutting, fashion designing, tailoring and zari-work.
Still nearly 300 million people live in extreme poverty in India and face deprivation in terms of access to basic services, including education, health, water, sanitation and electricity the report Says India, which has a population of over 125 crore, out of 30 crore people still live in extreme poverty which is 37% of Indian Population. After completion of the training, each of the participants is given a free branded sewing machine and tool kit.
Wilfredo Aguilar of the Digerati Association in Dubai, UAE, both donated funds for the purchase of school supplies. To encourage women empowerment, we assist them in establishing their unit, purchase of raw material and sale of finished products.
We select the poor youth from rural villages, urban slums based on their family income, which should be low or below poverty line to be eligible for this program Every financial year we select 50 deserving poor youth to impart 6 months’ software training. And in the district Srinagar alone, there are over 73,262 Below Poverty Line (BPL) populations, according to DES mid-year estimates.
The said donation was coursed through the Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) Program of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO).

We tie up with garment factories for supply of ready-made garments, Social Welfare Department for supply of school uniforms, wholesale cloth merchants for supply of women’s undergarments and baby clothes. But they work over time for additional income for giving better facilities to their children. The course syllabus includes Computer Fundamentals, MS Office, DTP, Internet Concepts and Soft Skills. We request you to donate for sewing machine and tool kits for women who have completed the training program.
We request you to Sponsor sewing machine and tool kits for the trained women and girls in dress making & fashion designing. We mainly concentrate on job oriented courses to create sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities. After completion of the computer course, certificates are awarded and course participants are placed in private and government sectors in Andhra Pradesh. So far, 345 young people have got opportunity to work in shops and establishments in and around Kurnool District.

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