I grew up in a small town in Germany and I remember already as a teenager I always dreamed of a life on the beach, in the sun and under palm trees. In 1991 I traveled for the first time in a faraway tropical land, which corresponded to that dream: Costa Rica.
So when Elena came for her retreat she encouraged me to become a yoga teacher myself and so I started training as a yoga teacher in New York. I have now found the relationship I always longed for, but it was not until I shifted myself that I was able to meet the man of my dreams. It is the most beautiful gift for me to share my passion for yoga with other people in my classes and see how fast transformation can happen. Together they will lead a Yoga & Hang Music retreat to Roatan, Honduras Jan 5-11, 2013.
Here I found Elena Brower and Anusara yoga and I loved it so much that I went 4-5 times a week to yoga.

9 years later it was still there, a small fishing village, sleepy and quiet, it had not changed much.
For more than 10 years now I am living my dream and it is the yoga which always continues to encourage me to see the good, the opportunities, the possibilities in every moment.
He plays the magical instrument called Hang in Dagmars yoga classes and they perform frequently in Costa Rica and Europe.
So I left my life in Germany behind, quit my well paid job, left my husband and traveled with 2 suitcases into an unknown adventure to Los Angeles.
I’ve learned from my own experience to first shift things for myself and then everything else will shift with you.
It is not important for me to bring your foot behind your head and to get into difficult asanas, but that you feel good about yourself , so that you will find clarity and peace and strength and learn to trust yourself. So I went back to Hamburg with my husband, back to my life and career in the music industry, which was quite exciting and fulfilling, but deep inside me I still had that longing, I wanted something more from life….

There were at least my palm trees, the beach and the sun … I started a small agency for photographers, and organized photo productions. On the property there was an open pavilion that was previously used as a restaurant, but had just been closed two months before my arrival.
It did not take long before I first came into contact with yoga and found my wonderful yoga teacher Christi Minarovich.
After September 11 happened, I packed my suitcases in NY and decided to jump fully into my new adventure in Costa Rica.

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