Her perfect world though, is turned around when once night, Naomi fails to return after a meal with friends. In a turmoil of over fourteen months, she struggles to find out what happened to her daughter and realise that maybe, she didn’t know her family after all. Shemilt builds the suspense extremely well as she starts the book one year after Naomi’s disappearance, She then alternates between focussing on the past and the present, building bit by bit, giving hints and insights into the Malcolm family until the final outcome of what actually happened to Naomi.
Yeah for the gripping pace, writing style and plot ?? And yeah, it’s sad though to always see something tragic happen to working women.
I like novels that border on intense emotions and drama.I have been reading a lot of Indian english books lately and sadly such books are rare in the lot. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I decided then and there that I wanted to be like Kit Kemp, the owner (with her husband, Tim Kemp) and designer of their seven Firmdale Hotel abodes in London and New York. Each hotel room is individually furnished by Kit, based on international travels, and they are an array of colours, textures and patterns.
For more than twenty years, Kit Kemp has been at the forefront of the international design community, with her signature style that mixes contemporary elements with antiques and junk-shop finds, luxurious fabrics with printed wallpapers, and hand-finished detailing with collections of simple objects that create impact.

Alongside the stunning images of room sets and detailed close-ups will be the inspiration behind Kit’s work and her tips for creating your own version of her style at home. Learn more about Firmdale Hotels on their official website, and buy the book A Living Space by Kit Kemp – it would be fab for yourself, but also wonderful as a gift for an interior decor-loving friend!
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Live lusciouslyLUSCIOUS is about being a style leader, social butterfly and domestic goddess.
She learns that perhaps, in spite of all the clues available, she had failed to notice the obvious.
Halfway through, I had an idea about what may have occurred and I was right but it didn’t stop me from reading. I so love books that have a woman with a successful career and one who is independent and loves her job!
See photos from our visit to the Crosby Street Hotel in New York via Facebook, on our Luscious hotels board on Pinterest. She avoids taking design too seriously, playing with scale, color and pattern to create very personal, handcrafted spaces.

Interiors are meant for living in, and the key is to create a space that is comfortable and beautiful and reflects who you really are. The world really needs stories of successful working women with happy and contented families and kids so that next time a woman bears a child she is not shown negative consequences of working on family and kids. She works as a GP, loves her job, has a loving husband who is a neurosurgeon, three amazing children – twins Theo and Ed, age 17, and her daughter, Naomi, age 15.
Jenny is a likeable character and in spite of not being a mother, I was able to empathise with her.
Being a career woman and loving my work,  I manage to empathise with female characters who love their work.

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