Developed with funding from DFID, ECHO and USAID, by experienced logisticians from ICRC, the International Rescue Committee, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Holland), Oxfam (GB), Save the Children (US), UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP, CHSCM offers best practices in supply chain management from the humanitarian community, in combination with leading practices from the commercial sector and academia, in order to teach the essential planning and management skills required of humanitarian logistics managers. CHSCM is aimed at humanitarian logisticians who are operating at a tactical level and are engaged in planning, resourcing and managing the supply chain and the implementation of supply chain strategy. Throughout the program, which is administered by the Logistics Learning Alliance (LLA), candidates are supported by LLA’s experienced and professional learning coaches. Candidates should expect to take 24 months to complete the program, studying approximately 10 hours per week. The knowledge that i have acquired helped me design a food program and its supply chain for the on-going Ebola Response Program in Sierra Leone. The tasks and tutorial support i have continued to received from your team made it possible for me to manage the assignment within the shortest time frame possible.

Humanitarian logisticians are called upon to provide responses in a variety of situations, sometimes planned for, but often happening without warning.
Typically, candidates hold positions such as Logistics Coordinator, Logistics Manager and Head of Logistics. At the start of the course, the candidate (or student) is inserted into a reality-based scenario in which they play a management role in a simulated humanitarian relief operation.
These coaches also assess candidates’ assignments and determine when they are ready to proceed to the next unit. During that time, a portfolio documenting the candidate’s achievements and skills is compiled for submission at the end of the program to the awarding body (CILT-UK) for final assessment. Once again I am so grateful for having chosen to pursue this certification in humanitarian supply chain management program with your institute.

In such situations, humanitarian logistics managers must have the ability to quickly construct and operate a supply chain to bring relief to those in need. While there are no set academic prerequisites, candidates are required to have experience as well as knowledge in humanitarian logistics and operations. The tasks they are requested to complete are designed to facilitate the development and demonstration of the required skills, as defined in the competence model.
In some cases, candidates may be recommended to take Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL) first; however, CHL alone does not provide sufficient qualification to take CHSCM.

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