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Operations management is a specialized area of management concerned with the daily production of goods and services. All non-operational and logistical managers and junior to mid-level operations managers with a need to further their careers and has a desire to understand and improve their organisation's operational and logistical dimensions to improve profitability and service levels. By the end of the course participants should be able to:Explain the fundamentals of operation and logistics management.
Apply theoretical knowledge coupled with work experience to solve real life problems in various scenarios in class.

Evaluate the business environment and select the correct methods and techniques to achieve the optimum solution.
Everything you wear, eat, sit on, use or read comes to you courtesy of the operations managers who organised its production. The operations function of the organisation consists of all the activities that produce what the organisation produce. Several “world class” firms have demonstrated that effective operational management can be a potent and competitive weapon. This course addresses the key operations and logistical issues in service and manufacturing operations, which have strategic as well as tactical implications.

Both quantitative and qualitative techniques and principles, used by leading organisations, are examined.

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