Loreena McKennitt's music offers a cultural richness rarely heard in contemporary popular music featuring a rare range of instruments and textures that speak to the musical traditions of five continents. Loreena McKennitt - The Journey So Far - The Best Of Loreena McKennitt traces the highlights of her career spanning 30 years to-date.
She mixes themes from Europe and Near East with the rhythmic and instrumental approaches of the Celtic world.

On this disc, McKennitt draws fascinating connections, between the eclectic music she makes and her wide-ranging influences in the fields of art, literature and history. Durchaus verstandlich ist dieser Stil, da ihre Vorfahren aus Irland und Schottland stammen, doch wo der orientalische Einschlag zu verorten ist, daruber la?t sich nur spekulieren.
Aber die Kelten waren ein weitgereistes Volk, das uberall seine Spuren hinterlassen hat – so vielleich auch in der keltischen Seele ihrer Vorfahren?

Enjoy a wonderful trip to the relaxing and dreamy melodies of Loreena McKennit, from a fresh lossless rip.

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