Apple is quick to point out that iOS 7 does attempt to make better use of display real estate, but I can’t shake the feeling of being too cramped on the 5s.
When early PCB shots of the 5s leaked, I remember Brian counting solder pads on the board to figure out if Apple moved to a new Qualcomm baseband solution. Apple tells us that the wireless stack in the 5c and 5s is all new, but the lack of LTE-Advanced features like carrier aggregation and Category 4 150Mbps downlink make it likely that we’re looking at a MDM9x15 derivative at best. The second part, improving power efficiency, has to do with the same principles of race to sleep that we’ve talked about for years. In practice I didn’t notice substantial speed differences between the iPhone 5s, 5c and the original iPhone 5. BT's 32-bit result includes hardware accelerated AES, which skews its score (without it, its score is ~936).
The 4-inch 16:9 LCD display features a 1136 x 640 resolution, putting it at the low end for most flagship smartphones these days.
In an unusual turn of events, my iPhone 5c sample came with an even better calibrated display than my 5s sample. Unfortunately his count came out as being the same as the existing MDM9x15 based designs, which ended up what launched. Carrier aggregation gives mobile network operators the ability of combining spectrum across non-contiguous frequency bands to service an area. The faster your network connection, the quicker your modem can transact data and fall back into a lower power sleep state.

My testing period was a bit too brief to adequately characterize the device but I didn’t have any complaints.
Current phones use about 2W at max load without the screen (see recent Nexus 7 test), so the claimed 2.5W just for BT is way too much for a phone. It was clear from the get-go that a larger display wouldn’t be in the cards for the iPhone 5s. I firmly believe that Apple will embrace a larger display and branch the iPhone once more, but that time is just not now.
It's a tradeoff - the 5c panel I had could go way brighter than the 5s panel, but its black levels were also higher. It’s unclear whether or not MDM9x25 was ready in time in order to be integrated into the iPhone 5s design, or if there was some other reason that Apple chose against implementing it here. The 5s retains the same antenna configuration as the iPhone 5, complete with receive diversity.
It'll be interesting to see if BT gets a similar performance boost when Win8 64bit versions are released in 1h 2014.
The 30% gain due to tweaks is pure speculation of course, however NVidia claims 15-30% IPC gain for similar tweaks in Tegra 4i, so it's not entirely implausible. However, what you suggest is that Apple could theoretically have the same performance as Intel on a full node process larger at half the power.
Regardless of the why, the result is effectively the same cellular capabilities as the iPhone 5.

Therefore the A7 will extend its lead even further.According to TSMC 20nm will give a 30% frequency boost at the same power.
Recouping investment costs on platform and industrial design are a very important part of making the business work.
Next year's A8 or whatever probably will compete directly with Haswell in raw theoretical integer and FP throughput, if Apple manages to double performance again. Intel may be large, but they are not infallible, after all they made the P4, Itanium and Atom.
A key reason AMD cited for moving into ARM servers was that designing an ARM CPU takes far less effort than an equivalent performing x86 one. So my point is that with a die shrink and a slight increase in power they already have a Haswell competitor.
One is working on a ton of different stuff, and one makes processors, basically exclusively (SSDs and WiFi stuff too, but processors is their main drive).
That's simply a factor of your peak IPC, not your average IPC while the device is running.

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