Paul White of Ham Lake, Minnesota, was one of the three Powerball jackpot winners, state lottery officials announced Thursday. White's winning ticket, which was purchased in Ham Lake, entitles him to part of the $448 million jackpot that will be split three ways. White, a 45-year-old father of two teenagers, joked at the press conference announcing his win Thursday that there was too much work sitting on his desk for him to quit his job immediately as an engineer.
The other two jackpot winners, who purchased their tickets in New Jersey, have yet to come forward less than 24 hours after Wednesday night's drawing. A South Carolina woman's luck stopped short after she told a few friends about her winning $500 ticket. The winning ticket holder came forward on Friday and was named by officials as 68-year-old Peter Mueller from Revelstoke, BC.
The lucky winner plans to consult with a financial advisor before deciding how to spend his new found fortune, but at the top of his list is a holiday in Mexico.

Cockrum told Lottery officials Thursday that he had worked for 20 years as an actor and stage manager. He told Lottery officials that after setting up a pension fund for himself, he also has a long list of charities to which he’ll donate.
The store received $25,000 and divided it equally between five local charities, according to a Tennessee Lottery press release. White opted to take the money in a lump sum, meaning he'll get $86 million before taxes and $58.3 million after taxes.
He said has yet to make any specific plans for the money, but he'll likely use part of it to help his parents, boost some charitable projects and buy a car he's had his eye on for months. Minnesota lottery officials told Reuters that the report of a winning ticket came in "very fast." Gloria MacKenzie, who claimed the $590 Powerball jackpot in June, waited weeks before coming forward to claim her prize. Now, just days after the draw, Canadaa€™s newest lottery millionaire has come forward to claim his life-changing win.

Mueller, who recently retired, always hoped to win the lottery but never actually thought it would happen. While stopping in Vernon for an oil change, Mueller went to check the ticket and the store clerk broke the news that hea€™d won the CAD$20 million top prize. The new format included a new guaranteed CAD$1 million prize in every draw, larger starting jackpots and improved overall odds of winning a prize.

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