With over population being a problem in this small country, the government does nothing to stop this Lottery. 2.Staying active is not necessary cause if you do not post as a character within 3 days without notifying me you will be absent or anything your character(s) will die.
6.If you read and understand the rules post something that your character would say about the Lottery. 7.You can kill NCP all you want but you have to ask another person before you can kill their character.
4.A player has 24 hours to kill another player or their collar will be activated and they will die. WZ are located on all beaches near water to stop players from trying to swim away and there is a WZ around the Main Building ( you?ll hear about it in the RP).
You can work in groups or alone but remember that there is only 1 winner of the Lottery?.no exceptions.

I will play as the Head of the Lottery chairman to make sure the game goes as its suppose to.
She heard about the Lottery when she was about 13 and made it her mission to avoid being kidnapped for the game. When I said race I was talking about like White, African-American, British, Japanese, Puerto Rican, you know the normal races.
I might be off and on because my laptop is broken and can't be fixed, so I'm stuck using libary computers and my school computers, which blocks me from doing a lot of stuff. A way of making your chases of making it big greater but for most it just leaves them in the same place they began.
Once you turn of age you are subject to be chosen to participate?like a draft to fight for your life. The winner will receive the Grand Prize of Life and immunity to being drawn into the Lottery for the next 3 Lottery games.

Her parents were proud and stubborn people who wanted their daughter to be perfect as perfect could ever be,thus resulting in her horrible personality. Idk if I will accept half wolf but no one is joining so this RP more than likely wont even happen. Her personality comes from her father, who was a proud man who pushed his daughter to become a big actress. Bailey was born in the small town and she lived there unless she went other places to do movies and such. Bailey's able to act sad,angry-she doesn't have to act for that-,happy,or in love,at any given time.

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