Starting with Thursday’s (4 September) Oz Powerball draw, there were sadly no jackpot winners. Moving on a day, Friday’s (5 September) EuroJackpot draw left those hoping to win the jackpot disappointed.
The second Friday (5 September) draw that needs to mentioned is the one everyone loves to take part in – Euro Millions (of course). The final Friday (5 September) international lottery worth a mention is US based Mega Millions.
The UK Lotto is one of the most popular international lotteries in the world thanks to its favourable odds. If you haven’t had any luck with any of these incredibly popular and lucrative international lotteries maybe you should check out your lottery horoscope for some inspiration – you could be the next big winner! World renowned psychic Victoria Bullis says there is a way to find out your lucky lotto numbers.
In the instance that you see a 24 and you’re not sure if you should play the 2 and 4 separately or together as 24, Victoria says this is when it takes practice. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to choose which work you do instead of it being whatever your boss decides to throw at you? In the second tier, a trio of people had six matching numbers making them all $67,816.70 more comfortable. There was a sole winner in the second tier who had the winning combination of five matching numbers and Bonus number adding €948,748.40 to his or her wallet. The jackpot was left unclaimed but in the second tier there were euro lotto players with five matching numbers and a star adding €41,112.40 to their bank balances.

Another disappointing draw in terms of jackpot wins with no one being able to claim the big prize.
Unfortunately, Saturday’s (6 September) draw was disappointing in this sense as no one had the winning combination of lucky lotto numbers to make the jackpot theirs.
If you haven’t heard about what went down with US Powerball in the last draw, keep reading. With the Power Ball jackpot at $260 MILLION, you can bet anything to help you win the big money is worth a try. She suggests that before you go to sleep, ask your subconscious to do something different and help you remember numbers that appear in your dreams.
Try playing around with the lottery games that require smaller numbers so you can hone your skills. It also went well in the third tier with 34 people from across the globe with five matching numbers and the right Powerball.
In the third tier six people had five matching numbers giving each lotto player an extra €41,112.40. In the second tier, there were three tickets with five matching numbers – enjoy the guaranteed  $1,000,000.00!
In the second tier there were five citizens of the world with five matching numbers and Bonus number – enjoy the guaranteed ?82,919.00! In the second tier, one individual had five matching numbers winning him or a certified $1,000,000.00.
Look for numbers on license plates, doors, or signs that appear and try to commit them to your memory.

With that in mind, here are the latest lottery results from all of your favourite international lotteries.
The next weekly Euro Jackpot draw takes place on Friday, 12 September and has record-breaking jackpot of €60,000,000.00. There were thirteen tickets from around the world with five matching numbers giving each ticket holder a third tier win of €38,337.90. There were also 43 tickets with four matching numbers and the right Mega number; must be nice to have that $5,000.00! The third tier of this popular lottery normally pays out well and Saturday was no exception with 169 people having five matching numbers and an additional ?2,082.00.
It also went pretty well in the third tier as twenty people had the correct combination of  four matching numbers and Powerball – enjoy the $10,000.00! You could win $5,600,000.00 in the next Oz Powerball draw which takes place on Thursday, 11 September so don’t miss out – play your lucky  lotto numbers today! The next MegaMillions draw takes place tomorrow (Tuesday, 9 September) and has a jackpot of $41,000,000.00 so don’t miss out!
The next UK Lotto draw will be happening on Wednesday, 10 September and has an oh-so-tempting ?8,200,000.00 jackpot. The next Euro Millions draw will be happening tomorrow (Tuesday, 9 September) and there is a very tempting jackpot of €54,000,000.00 waiting to be won by you!

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