The Spanish Christmas Lottery, Loteria de Navidad (official name Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad) is played by 90% of the Spanish population (approximately 40 million people) every year. This year's draw, on December 22nd 2015, will see a massive a‚¬2.2 billion in prizes awarded to lucky players!
With a‚¬2.2 billion to be given away, including the famous El Gordo jackpot, the Spanish Christmas Lottery is the biggest lottery on the planet, bar none. The Spanish Christmas Lottery creates more winners than any other lottery, including hundreds of new millionaires! In Spain, Spanish Xmas Lottery sellers are given specific sets of tickets, printed with specific sets of numbers. Besides its size and generosity the Spanish Christmas lottery's enduring popularity has a lot to do with its social nature.

Until now it was impossible to take part in the Spanish Christmas Lottery unless you were living in Spain. Simply choose your ticket number and share and have your shot at winning the El Gordo, or one of over a‚¬2.2 billion worth of prizes to be awarded on December 22nd. Now you can take part in the worlda€™s biggest lottery online from your desktop or smartphone!
The draw is held in Madrid where it's broadcast throughout Spain and to other countries around the world.
With the best odds of becoming an instant millionaire, and a 1 in 10 chance of scooping one of the thousands of other cash prizes, ita€™s no wonder that millions of people buy Spanish Christmas Lottery tickets each year.
Because the Spanish dona€™t get to choose their own lucky numbers many people will literally wait for days to buy them.

Some will even travel to popular lottery dealers on opposite side of the country, just to get the numbers they hope will win the El Gordo. Spanish players rarely buy a full ticket for themselves, but rather play multiple entries pooling their money together with their families, friends, colleagues and neighbours. Play the Spanish Christmas Lottery online, however, and you can skip the queues and choose whatever numbers, in whichever ticket shares you want, all from the comfort of your own home!

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