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Coble, who served for 30 years on Capitol Hill before declining to run for re-election in 2014, died just before midnight Tuesday at a Greensboro hospital, his nephew Ray Coble Jr. Coble cited nagging health issues in announcing in 2013 that his 15th term in Congress representing the 6th District would be his last.

Coble, who never married, was a throwback to previous generations of politicians who focused less on ideology and more on relationships, showing up at hundreds of local parades and Boy Scout Eagle Scout ceremonies during his congressional tenure. Often seen wearing a fedora and madras-patched sport jackets, Coble made his career by shaking hands with constituents in the 6th District, which most recently included several north-central counties, anchored by Greensboro, where he was born. Coble said he always knew there was a short leash on members of Congress, who were up for election every two years. That familiarity still wasn't good enough for some Republicans who challenged him in the 2010 and 2012 primaries, saying he wasn't conservative enough. While working on Capitol Hill, Coble may have been best known for refusing to take a congressional pension in the name of fiscal conservatism — a decision that probably cost him more than $2 million over his lifetime.
Even as the district boundaries changed with each round of redistricting, Coble prided himself on asking passers-by where they went to high school. One Greensboro-area political scientist labeled Coble's voting record as "very conservative but he doesn't sound always so conservative. He had been hospitalized since September after treatment for skin cancer — a long-running condition for him — and the removal of some lymph nodes, Coble Jr.

Howard Coble, whose penchant for old-time politicking, humor and courtesy parlayed him into becoming the longest-serving Republican U.S.
Jim Holshouser and state House member before his initial 1984 congressional victory by about 2,700 votes. You can download the most recent version of Internet Explorer here: Upgrade Internet Explorer! 7, 2013 file photo, 6th District Congressman Howard Coble announces his decision not to seek re-election during a ceremony at the Guilford County Republican Party headquarters in Greensboro, N.C. Howard Coble, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Coble won his initial 1984 congressional race by 79 votes.

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