The goal of the scratcher is to pick three of the nine circles to scratch off—and if all three match, you get whatever is revealed in the prize box at the bottom.
As I pondered the promises of instant wealth (knowing full well that God could choose to bless someone with a winning Great Grocery Giveaway ticket), I was saddened at how quickly my heart attached itself to the hollow promise of instant wealth. The views expressed on this weblog are of each individual contributor and not necessarily those of Regent University.Regent University assumes no liability for any material appearing herein.
Have you ever held a lottery pool at your work or office, but find it difficult to manage who paid, how many tickets to buy and how much everyone won? This Microsoft Excel document will help you manage all of your MegaMillions Lottery tickets for your lottery pool.
Unfortunately this Lottery Pool Calculator will only work with the MegaMillions Lottery, which is featured in the follow states: California, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. There is 3 sheets in the Excel document; MegaMillions Calculator, Lottery Ticket Numbers, and Group Members.
Once you’ve completed adding all of your purchased lottery ticket numbers, wait for the big night, the winning numbers. That’s it!  Collect your earnings, distribute them equally between the  group members, rinse and repeat! If you’ve revised the Lottery Pool Calculator for other lotteries and would like to share, please email me and I would love to share your version with the community! Every now and again Meagan or I casually say this after examining the numbers on a ticket we’ve bought.
She’s gradually filling the frame up with our most cherished memories, captured on celluloid, frozen in time.

A few days later, I walked in the front door, from work, whilst Meagan was breastfeeding Monty.
A lot of the time we already have enough to be happy with, the problem is we don’t take time to appreciate it. A colleague in work recently mentioned they’d leave their job tomorrow if they won the lottery. I don’t know what this fellow work mate would do with themselves, if they left their job. The question is, not what we want but how we want to feel. If you won the lottery how would you want it to make you feel? What’s stopping you feeling this way now and would lots of money make you feel that way? Enter a name, email address, song, movie, Twitter user, Facebook friend, brand, business or website. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. It’s not an actual lottery ticket, mind you, but rather a scratch & win ticket from The Great Grocery Giveaway. After my kids unsuccessfully scratched through half the stack, I grabbed one and, using my fingernail, scratched off three circles really fast and, lo and behold, all three matched!
There’s always a part of me that’s looking for an escape—and escape from the demands of work, from the expectation of being a good provider for my family and from the reality of having to trust God daily to meet my needs. When the winning numbers are announced, click on the MegaMillions Calculator sheet and type in the winning numbers in the green cells.  Also type in the Jackpot (in millions) in the blue cell.

My kids thought I was superman and immediately exclaimed, “Daddy, scratch the prize box to see if we’re rich!” All of a sudden, the possibility of winning up to $250,000 warmed my soul and placed a spark in my eye.
I am sorry you didn’t win, but it was probably just so that we could still be friends. For some reason, the checkout gal at Food Lion handed me a stack of 47 of them the other day. I want my heart to be energized by the grace and hope of Christ—and the love that’s been shed all over it by the Spirit of God (Rom. So I brought the stack home, handed my kids a few coins and ordered them to start stratchin’ so we could start winnin’.
The fact is that the cash prize awaiting me is probably $1.00—like most of the other Great Grocery Giveaway tickets. For, indeed, even if that veiled prize box were to reveal the grand prize of a quarter million dollars, deep down I know that, apart from the Spirit of God, every post-tax cent I got would eventually disappoint me.  And to the degree that I place my hope in such potential idols-in-the-making is the degree to which my contentment for the life God has graced me with is sabotaged. What I loved about this winning ticket (besides the fact that I wasn’t officially gambling because I didn’t pay for this ticket) is that it gave me the power of hope—hope for the promise of a better life. This hope energized me, causing me to daydream and fantasize about what life could be like for me and my family if we became instantly rich.  No more tightening of the belt every month.

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