Mega Millions lottery frenzy reached it’s peak last week as the jackpot for the nationwide game hit $656 million dollars.
Mirlande Wilson, 37, is (was) a McDonald’s employee who participated in a lottery pool with fellow colleagues at the fast-food joint but she has absolutely NO intention of sharing the winnings.
To her co-workers dismay, McDonald’s “winner’’ Wilson insists that she bought her one ticket separately outside of the pool and it just so happens that the ticket she bought alone is one of the three tickets nationwide that will split a record $656 million payout.
Wilson, a single mother of seven, claims she has the ticket hidden for safekeeping but would present it to lottery officials later today.  She also changed her tune a bit as her fast-food co-workers questioned her about the winning ticket. The two other tickets were sold in Illinois and Kansas, and Wilson reportedly holds the single Maryland ticket, which could net her an after-tax lump sum of $105 million, or $5.59 million a year for 26 years if she chooses an annuity. Wilson’s co-workers only make about $7.50 an hour and are not happy about the notion that she could possibly be running off with their winnings. A man identifying himself as the boyfriend of a McDonald’s manager named Layla, who was part of the pool, said Wilson bought tickets for the group at the 7-Eleven in Milford Mill, where the winning ticket was sold. The group’s tickets — along with a list of those who contributed to the pool — were left in an office safe at the burger joint, said the man, who gave only his first name, Allen, as he stood next to Layla.
Then, late Friday, before the night’s drawing, the owner of the McDonald’s, Birul Desai, gave Wilson $5 to buy more tickets for the pool on her way home from work, and she went back to the 7-Eleven and bought them, Allen said. Goes to show people should create and sign agreement in these cases stating any tickets purchased and copied or locked and stored away are the ONLY tickets purchased by the group and divided amongst the group amongst said group upon winning.

Everyone is so quick to say she is lying, but all I see here is poor lottery pool handling. The curse of the lotto will follow her if it’s determined that she is not telling the truth.
It is her co-workers fault because they should have had the numbers after she purchased the tickets for them.
I SURE HOPE SHE DOSE NOT END UP IN THE NEWS AGAIN, BUT THIS TIME ON A TRAGIC NOTE I AGREE WITH WHAT THE LADY SAID ABOUT THE TIME STAMP, IF SHE CAN PROVE IT WAS ON HER GREAT. She’s gonna have to share whether she bought that ticket separately or not because there is no clear line between her personal purchase and the pool. Wow, even if she bought the ticket separately, why wouldn’t she share with her fellow Micky D’s co-workers this time? Some of the stars from new film Lottery Ticket showed up showin’ out on the red carpet in Atlanta last night. Lottery Ticket drops in theaters on August 20, so go check it out—maybe then Teairra Mari won’t need a sponsor!
Steph Curry has turned himself into a bonafide NBA superstar over the course of the last two seasons. Steph Curry doesn’t seem like the kind of basketball player that you would want to make mad.

Kid Ink and Pink Dolphin bumped fists and launched the “Alumni” capsule for Summer 2015! I would definitely share the money with them, even if it was just 1 million for each worker in the pool. This won’t fly with Black people, they are going to shoot up this broad’s house!!!! I was responsible for putting together lottery office pools before where tickets were bought in the pool as well as me buying my own, but there were guidelines and contribution cut off times. The workers should have developed a contract with everyone’s signatures, copies of all Tix purchased, etc.
That other guy was just ordered to share his winnings under the same circumstances, therefore setting precedent. There was some great physical comedy, Maya Rudolph doing hilarious nonsense gibberish, Armisen’s slow, deadpan weirdness, and even some good political stuff.

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