Urook Khan was the lucky winner of a $1 million jackpot off a scratch-card lottery ticket; however, new tests show that his death shortly after winning was not natural. It has been discovered that lottery winner Urook Khan died from cyanide poisoning rather than natural causes.
Khan died just as he was about to collect his money, there were no signs of trauma and nothing suspicious about it. The tests are a result of a relative’s campaign for a closer look at his death and a homicide investigation has now been launched.
At an Illinois Lottery ceremony Khan said “winning the lottery means everything to me.” He was planning to put some of the money into businesses and donate some to a children’s hospital.
At the time no autopsy was carried out and his death was ruled a result of the narrowing and hardening of coronary arteries. Chicago Police Department spokeswoman Melissa Stratton said that the department are now investigating the death and that detectives are working closely with the Medical Examiner’s Office. With a background in game development spanning 8 years, Sam Peterson is OCA’s leading authority in the world of online gaming.
A Georgia lottery winner was killed during a home invasion at his south Georgia home, the AJC reports. Craigory Burch Jr., who won $434,272 in a Fantasy 5 drawing in November, was shot and killed when intruders broke into his home in Fitzgerald, GA. The forklift operator generously bought gifts for friends and family or anyone in need, they said. Establish a trust or llc before going in and have a representative accept the money on it’s behalf. I never understood why these people go ahead and get their picture taken holding the big check.

Can they make you take a picture or be public about this because that really is not safe to do. I think a lot of people don’t take the time to do the things needed to stay anonymous. The lawyer for that TN couple that won the powerball last week advised them to go on the Today Show before they even claimed the money ?. The thirst is Real…stop flossing and move away from the hood after you win, people will kill u for $5 and your shoes.
In the video he basically was telling his ex that he caught the woman he wanted to marry and start a family with sending naked pics to seven guys. Let’s say that hoodrat (remember his name is Craigory) bought a vehicle for himself and Mama Hoodrat so that left maybe $150K. Now again this is before Christmas so he probably spent some more on gifts for the family which may have left him about $100K after Christmas.
His girlfriend was like this fool is going to spend all of OUR money so she had someone to kill him while there was some money left. I tell you if I ever hit the lottery big nobody will be able to find me trust not even the student loan people !!!!! When these ppl win money, they should stop allowing the media to post their pics and lottery winnings all over.
Cyanide can be inhaled, swallowed or injected, it is fairly difficult to obtain but can kill in less than five minutes. Anyone with information is asked to call the Ben Hill County Sheriff’s Office at 229-426-5161. They trying to pass a law that you can…but you will have to PAY the state to stay unknown.

The reason they want winners to go public is to deter fraud and so that peopl will actually know its legit.
Hispanic dude who made his girl walk naked down the streets of Harlem and thought it to be funny and tape it, got arrested. Wednesday and was awaiting arraignment on charges of choking, child abuse, coercion and assault. Not taking any picture with a big ol check in my hands, They day I win the lottery is the day I go into the Richness Protection Program. Change name, delete all accounts, taking my pets and my momma and moving to another continent. And most states will let you accept the money in a blind trust so no one knows your identity. The state wants to promote the games and publicize an actual person won, but this type of outcome changes everything. But there was an article about remaining anonymous by setting up a TRUST FUND and sending the lawyer to go pick up your check on behalf of the trust.
If you were meant to have half a million more dollars, you'd have been born with the skills to dominate at Pai Gow or invented a candy or doughnut themed app that fat women play all day. Idk what was really going on, but those oooooh aaaaaah folks recording the shit really grind my gears? Having half a million in cash dropped in your lap for no good reason offends the higher power.

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