This is one of those fake viral images that you'd think everyone would recognize immediately to be a joke.
HomeRomance181million Dollar Lottery Winner Finds True Love two Later – Is this Love? RED DEER, Alberta, May 25, 2016 — Ticketholders who purchased before the deadline will have a chance to win one of two Early Bird prizes which will be drawn next Wednesday. VANCOUVER, BC, May 24, 2016 —A  Think a European vacation with some spending cash is in your future? VANCOUVER, BC, May 24, 2016 —A  When you support the BC SPCA Lottery for Animals in Need, not only will you have a chance to win but you will also help support some of the most vulnerable animals in the province. VANCOUVER, BC, May 20, 2016 — Are you a supporter of the British Columbia Lions Society for Children with Disabilities? LONDON, ON, May 16, 2016 —A  A $25,000 Nexion Gift Certificate OR Volkswagen Beetle (valued at $24,554) OR $20,000 cash – what will you choose? ONTARIO, May 19, 2016 — The 42nd Annual OFAH Conservation Lottery is nearly over, their final deadline is May 26th. About Home Lottery News The Home Lottery News is a a public service provided by Infinite Gravity Digital Media Ltd.

The Home Lottery News™ is published by Infinite Gravity Digital Media Ltd, 32-22374 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC, V2X 2T5, Canada. And yet, quite a few people seem to take it seriously, such as the people on this reddit thread where it was recently posted. It can be added to any photo one wishes, with customized headlines, such as in the examples below. One winner will take home a new Harley Davidson & $50,000 cash, and another will be awarded an entire month of daily cash prizes! Ticket buyers who were lucky enough to buy before the Grand Prize draw deadline of April 21st will want to have their tickets handy for the draw which takes place next Tuesday, May 31st. But you have to buy your tickets before Wednesday, June 1st or you’ll miss out on the party!
The choice is yours to make if you buy a ticket before the 2016 Spring London Dream Home Lottery Bonus draw cut-off at midnight, May 24th.
The Home Lottery News serves our readers relevant and timely information about charitable fund-raising lotteries and other events. Not only can we help with your marketing but we can help you advertise to our subscribers as well.

Man be careful she might be a she devil and if it leads to marriage,please sign a pre-nup agreement. The choice will be yours to make if you walk away as the lucky winner in this year’s Hometown Heroes Lottery Bonus Draw. You could possibly walk away with a cash prize of $2,000, $5,000 or the grand prize Fathers Day giveaway of $10,000 as one of 31 lucky winners to be drawn during the Grand Prize Draws on June 1st at 11AM.
Proceeds from their lottery help support fish & wildlife conservation work in the Province of Ontario.
We are an independent news service and we do not claim any affiliation with any of the organizations that we report news about. According to reports, Peyre has been dating Swedish pop singer Dhani Lennevald for a number of years, and he's not the guy in the photo, nor is he a $181 million lottery winner. Stay tuned to Home Lottery News for updates on the winners.See full details and complete links inside the article.

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