OK, keep in mind this works for me and it could be pure luck or there could be something to it. First of all, when a new scratch-off ticket comes out, it’s my theory that the Lotto folks want to get a lot of buzz about the ticket, so they make lots of winners on every roll. Jay EdwardsFollowWell, it all started back in 1974, that's when I was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

For example, the new $25 scratch-off came out yesterday and that’s what I decided to play. That’s my winning ticket below My friend Josh also played this ticket yesterday and won $500 on the 1st one and $200 on the other! You might have to ask the clerk behind the counter what the number on the ticket is before purchasing.

My theory is that they want to front load the rolls of lottery tickets with winning tickets to start out the roll.

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