Pia Wurtzbach is enjoying her reign as the newly crowned Miss Universe, and the lady has taken up her duties as the new queen. Appearing on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon on Tuesday, Wurtzbach aced the pageant questions which were thrown at her by Lemon.
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Lemon started off with questioning how the Miss Universe can achieve world peace, to which Pia answered coolly, “By telling people that communication is the best way to achieve world peace. As we walked through her media interviews, this girl has proved why she deserved the title of Miss Universe. Lastly, Lemon asked the beauty queen who is the Miss Universe, to which she confidently answered (with a heart): Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

The way Pia answered the questions that came her way, has only sealed the judgement that was made on the night of December 20’ 2015.

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