Canada lotto max results thelotter, Check the latest canada lotto max results out and learn how you can play online with thelotter.
Lotto max numbers friday, april 1, 2016 national post, Lotto max numbers along with lottery results from across canada. Gregory Nikolopoulos was picking up a bag of nachos when he bought his winning lotto max ticket.
According to Nikolopoulos, he was having his morning coffee while checking the lotto results online when he learnt he had won the $50M jackpot. His wife Tammy said when her husband told her about the good news they rushed to get home and were lucky enough to catch the last two seats on the first flight back. According to the lucky family, they still have not decided what to do with all of the money. According to Rush, six years ago he had a vision of digits pop into his head and with the encouragement from a friend, he started buying lotto tickets every week without fail. Rush was buying his cat’s food when he decided to check his growing pile of lottery tickets.
Rush also said that, being the car enthusiast he is, he wanted to splurge on his dream car, a 1965 Corvette. Joan and Wade Lidkea were faced with a tough decision this Thanksgiving – whether to spill or not to spill.

When Joan told Wade she had the winning numbers, she said he didn’t believe her and that he even cracked a joke about it. Winning the Lotto Max jackpot on a long weekend wasn’t easy for the very lucky couple. Deana Bergeror had gone to the store to buy an ice cream treat for her fiance, Jeff Bourret, when he asked her to buy two tickets since the lottery jackpot had reached $50M.
On Sunday, Deanna received a call from her mother telling her that someone from Orillia had bought the winning ticket and that IT COULD BE THEIRS! After Jeff had double checked, he hurried home and they both went to the store to have the ticket validated. The engaged couple plan to get married in two years, take a trip to Hawaii and buy a couple of new vehicles.
Andrea and her husband had decided to not do anything just yet and continued to live normal lives. One thing they know for sure is, they’re buying a boat and are attending the next super bowl with friends! Staying positive for 6 years and continually playing the lottery every week has finally paid off! To his amazement, the last ticket he scanned turned out to be the winning ticket of the January 16 Lotto Max jackpot.

Having just claimed their wedding present worth $50 Million, they’re officially the newest multimillionaires from Orillia.
When Deanna saw they had the winning numbers, she immediately took a photo of the ticket and sent it to her Fiance to be sure. She checked the ticket at a self-serve counter in a shopping mall to find out the biggest surprise of her life.
Now it’s all out in the open and the couple said they will start with helping families, friends and of course, charities. Luckily, his son was home with him at the time, so he had someone to share the joy and excitement with. But wonder no more, as Andrea and Bill Groner finally decided to reveal their $50 Million secret!

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