So…after deciding that setting up a campaign was the way to solve my issues, it was the small matter of what hair-brained ideas should be implemented to make my dreams come true. Therefore, for an undefined period of time, I shall be charting the progress on this humble blog, of my results.  Expect tears, joy, sunshine and rain in the posts to follow. As we all know, many people have systems for picking their numbers – be it superstition, some infallible  system bought for a fiver of e-bay or simply a random selection of the numbers they like on any given day. I also needed a winning system to choose the numbers as I am the most indecisive person I know.  It takes me 10 minutes to decide which sweets to buy, let alone pick 6 numbers that could net me millions.

This makes perfect sense.  Those numbers drawn the least times MUST be due to come around soon so that the universe will balance itself out. I hopped onto the Internet, and within literally minutes I had found all the Lotto stats I could desire and I knew the 6 numbers which had been drawn the least number of times – the winning numbers.
Not wanting to take a chance, I scribbled the numbers down and popped to the newsagents – hey presto, one ticket. 3) ‘old people always win’ in the bottom right, traditionally the last place we write on a piece of paper and thus suggesting this was your final though, a moment of cynical realism after so much planning!

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