A man who has been putting his money on winning numbers he dreamt about five years ago has come up trumps. As with many of the National Lottery Lotto draws this year, tonight’s draw is a rollover with an estimated jackpot of ?7 million.
Camelot has reported strong growth for the last year with increased players plus an increase in spend per player. For those who like the thrill of watching the UK National Lottery Lotto draw on TV then you can see the draw on BBC1 tonight.

Lotto players are reminded that starting next month there will be major changes made to the EuroMillions draw. The Irish Lottery though have not reported a similar trend as the sale of Irish Lotto tickets actually fell during the last year. The Lotto show will be broadcast at 10.35pm tonight and once again will be hosted by OJ Borg.
The other major change to the EuroMillions draw is that there will be more changes to win with a new cash prize added for matching just 2 of the main balls.

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