Social ResponsibilitySocial ResponsibilityBCLC was created to have a positive impact on British Columbia.
Our players help Play It Forward Thanks to players, billions of dollars have supported communities and helped B.C.
Voluntary Self-Exclusion Keep gambling safe and fun by understanding how the games work and what the odds are.
How Gambling WorksHow Gambling WorksLearn how skill and knowledge factor into games of chance.

Claim a Prize Find information about what to do when you win and where you can claim a prize. BC CASINOS FEEL THE THRILLSDon’t let your Thrills go southIt’s always thrilling to play in BC.
Sports Action Mobile Every twist, turn and tackle is more meaningful when you have something riding on it.
More time to buyThe Draw time is now 7:30pmYou have more time to buy all of your favourite Lotto!

Finding HelpFinding HelpIf you find yourself gambling too much, or if it no longer feels like a game, there’s help if you need it. DISCLAIMER: In the event of a discrepancy between the results posted on this site and the official BCLC winning numbers report, the latter shall prevail.

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