Buy Love You Forever book by Robert Munsch from Australia's Online Bookstore, Boomerang Books. A collection of children's stories by Robert Munsch including the 'stories behind the stories'. A boy's efforts to keep his apartment clean are foiled when a tube train unexpectedly stops in his living room and unloads thousands of passengers. The simple and powerful truth behind LOVE YOU FOREVER will strike a universal chord with parents and children alike - what better way to reassure your child of your love than to share this very special picture book.

The story reads as though it was written by a parent driven frantic by one of the contemporary but compulsive stages of childrearing and is of tremendous appeal to kids and parents at the same stage. You can use your Boomerang Bucks as a credit towards a future purchase from Boomerang Books. We use cookies to save information like your language preference and the nearest Walmart store.
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