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The biggest ever Lotto jackpot is up for grabson Wednesday night and Birmingham is due a winner. The number of balls in the draw was increased from 49 to 59 in October last year - reducing the odds on anyonea€™s six numbers coming up from about 1 in 14 million to 1 in 45 million. But Spaniards all over the nation shared in the wealth because their lottery system doles out prizes much more broadly than lotteries with huge jackpots for just a few winners.
Though other lotteries make headlines with their larger top prizes, El Gordo (The Fat One) is ranked as the world’s richest and makes its mark every year in Spain, uniting the country because almost everyone takes part.
With so many prizes, there are plenty of winnings for Spaniards who band together in office pools and groups of family members or friends to buy anywhere from one to dozens of the tickets costing 20 euros each. People can’t pick their own numbers, so if they want a certain one they have to go online to find out if it exists and if so which agency or agencies are selling it. Across the nation, people stay glued to the television as lower level winning numbers are announced until El Gordo is sung out.

The lottery has always been immensely popular but has taken on special importance in recent years as Spain struggled through a real estate bubble and the European debt crisis. The top winning number is usually sold in a number of different agencies, but went this time to just one in the southern beach town of Roquetas de Mar, where elated winners arrived and cracked open bottles of sparkling wine for a celebratory street party. Similar scenes happened at lottery agencies around the country that sold tickets with lower payouts, with scenes of the street parties broadcast live on television. The lottery was first established as a charity in 1763, during the reign of King Carlos III, but its objective gradually shifted toward filling state coffers. School children also featured hugely this year for the top winning ticket — with nearly half bought from the Roquetas de Mar lottery agency by a high school in the nearby town of Laujar de Andarax, population of 1,600.
The lottery agency manager didn’t buy any of his own tickets this year but told Spanish National Television he was happy so many people bought winners from him. You’ll either be receiving a long-overdue debt, an unexpected bonus, a lucky lottery ticket, or you may just find cash laying at your feet as you are out for a stroll. If there is no winner tonight, the rules say it must be won on Saturday or shared among the next tier of winners, most likely those with five main numbers and the bonus ball. 1 prize gives out a jackpot of just 400,000 euros, but more than 1,000 tickets win the big one and the lottery hands out 24 million prizes overall.

Then a tradition kicks in, with people who purchased winning tickets on their own or in groups showing up outside the lottery agency that sold them the tickets for gleeful fiestas. While lottery winners used to buy apartments or new cars during Spain’s boom years, many winners hurt by the economic crisis now use winnings to pay off debt.
El Gordo itself dates from 1812 and the children who have sung out the numbers for centuries attend the Saint Ildefonso school. Students then resold the tickets to raise money for a school trip, meaning the town was flush with winners. Yet despite being home to 111 big winners since The National Lottery began in 1994, the last known winning ticket was in May 2013. That ticket, worth £12million, was purchased in Ladywood but the prize has still to be claimed.

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