Business Industrial Network makes no manner of an endorsement, representation or warranty regarding any contents located on this site. This PowerPoint is about the TPM that Toyota involves the operator in training in machine maintenance. PowerPoint will also help to insure you meet the requirements for a Successful TPM introduction to your facility. As author Mike Sondalini puts it; "Too many times TPM fails in a company because the operators and maintainers, who are meant to deliver TPM to their equipment, are not involved in its implementation.
Total Productive Maintenance is a philosophy for producing 100% quality product, on-time by making sure the production equipment used to make the product operates perfectly.

Definition: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an equipment management program that emphasises operator involvement and ownership of equipment performance.
The upcoming fall programs will provide a combination of classroom learning and hands-on exercises and training techniques.
Bob Leibel, Sherwin-Williams Automotive Finishes director of sales and operations, Canada, is proud to point out that the company has long provided guidance and shared best practices with all levels of collision repair management and technicians. These newest classes will include painter certification and jobber reviews with the latest AWX Performance Plus waterborne and ATX refinish systems.
In just one day, you will learn how to implement precision maintenance and reliability on a shoe string budget.

There will also be a class offered specifically instructing new Sherwin-Williams Automotive jobbers (Level 1).
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