If you really want to link others to your Facebook profile page, Facebook badges will help you out. If visitors are complaining that they can't view your facebook fanpage while not logged into Facebook, follow the steps below to make it public. Make sure that the 'Page Visibility:' checkbox is unchecked and that the 'Country Restrictions' field is left blank. Before you can decide if you need a fan page let’s go over some basics of facebook profiles and fan pages. The facebook profile is the normal thing you see where you have a wall on your profile tab and you see your friends updates in the newsfeed on the home tab.
This is where we all talk about our cats and dogs and what we had for breakfast and the world is a better place as a result. A fan page is a facebook page for businesses, institutions, organizations and people that have fans, ie public figures, writers, musicians, artists, etc.
As you can see from the photo above the fan page looks pretty much just like a profile page. You can create a discussion board on a fan page and you can create events (like facebook groups).
One bummer is that when people comment on a fan page it does not appear in the notification feed.
Mostly I use my profile to build a community to support me in my day to life adventures as an artist and a software engineer.
Some of this off topic stuff some my art fans love to read and some people not so much, as they just want to see the art and read about art. In this way I have something for everyone: Become my friend to see the whole me, become my fan to enjoy my art.

Now with a fanpage people can enjoy my art without having to read about my efforts to go 21 days with eating refined sugar (which I completed today – it was super easy). And finally, here’s a little tidbit in the fine print of the facebook terms of service that might help you decide if you want to create a fan page.
All personal site features, such as friending and messaging, are also for personal use only and may not be used for professional promotion. Technically, if you sell art from your regular user profile, or even promote it, you could be in violation of these facebook rules, which they seem to take rather serious.
Coming soon will be a tutorial on creating a fanpage (I recommend you click on artist or other public figure on that first page) and how to find it from your profile. This entry was posted in The Internet and tagged facebook, fan page, marketing by Lisa Call. Zachary – thanks for sharing your link for us to check out and see how you are using your fan page. Really interesting concept, another facet of marketing your work and gaining a following, I like the idea and look forward to the next article on how to create a Fan Page. I too struggled with the fan page issue, but created one a few days ago and I have over a 100 fans- some are family, friends and students. Also, how do you let people know you have a fan page after you’ve invited your friends. Badges are simple images and can be loaded very easily.Ask Friends to Visit your PageTry to use the “suggest to friends” feature of your Facebook page. It is against Facebook policy to set your age restriction to 13+ if you have 'morilized sexual content' on your page.
This means you can pay money to have your fan page appear in facebook ads, targeted to your selected demographic.

If you add a user as a friend, for example, this person will be invited to be a friend of your profile and not your Page.
I am seriously thinking of making a fan page now, even thought it creates more work, updating, blogs, facebooks, etc., arg!
Using personal site features for professional promotion, or creating unauthorized Pages, may result in your account being warned or disabled. Since I’m just starting to try and figure FB out, and am building a page as I type, this was helpful. But since I’ve made my Facebook entirely personal (even stopped putting in my e-mail sig line) I need to do this! Thus you will be able to expand the number of your fans and ultimately will get a huge amount of traffic to your website.Apart from all these, you can connect your business page to twitter or can go for newsletter promotion.
To know more on this topic you can get in touch with a company that offers customized online business promotion services. This is why; if you have not yet created an account in Facebook, this is the high time to develop one for yourself. Some of the tips that may help you to get publicity online are mentioned below:Install a Facebook “Like Box” to your portal Installing a “Like Box” is indeed an apt way for getting traffic to your site.

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