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Crossing elements of electropop, new wave, reggae, hip hop, dub, and even afropop, Master of My Make-Believe is like a sonic playground of limitless potential for Santigold. Conveyor - Conveyor There are a lot of bands residing in Brooklyn, but there aren’t too many that stick out like Conveyor. This work by Mixtape Muse is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

A good amount of this four-year span was spent working on the sound for a follow-up, and it certainly shows in the rich, eclectic instrumentation and attention to detail. And she does a great job of balancing the album’s eclecticism, filtering it into something she can truly call her own. And while it may not be as radical as it was intended to be, this is definitely an album that holds its own – this is, undeniably, Santigold and not an emulation of something or someone else. If you choose to use any of the writing that appears on this site, please attribute it to Mixtape Muse or (author's name), Mixtape Muse.

With its eclectic edge and strong production, Master of My Make-Believe is one of the year’s most consistent pop records thus far. Also, a record best enjoyed with a good pair of headphones on, revealing all its fine details.

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