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Last year, Miracles Day gave over 18,500 of the poorest men, women and children life-changing cataract surgery through CBM Australia. This year, we need to go even further and restore sight – and hope – back to the people who need it most; people like Zawati living in poverty with cataract blindness. Nine-year-old Zawati has had a tough life – his mother died giving birth to him and his father disappeared soon after. Blinded by cataracts, Zawati was unable to see his textbooks and was forced to withdraw from school. Thanks to the generosity of CBM’s supporters, Zawati was able to receive the sight-saving surgery he needed. Just $32 can help expert surgeons delicately remove the cloudy cataract lens and replace it with a new, clear one that will restore sight for life! July 10, 2014: These 13 real-life superheroes are living proof that you don't need to have supernatural powers to perform extraordinary acts of kindness. You may have thought that superheroes can only be found in comic books and Hollywood movies. The reality, however, is that superheroes do exist in real life, and we're not talking about the Mother Teresas and Nelson Mandelas of our world.
The real superheroes with fancy costumes, capes and genuine desire to help out their fellow humans are scattered across the globe. Here are 13 real-life superheroes who may not jump from building to building through spider-webs or fly unaided, but there is no doubting their passion to combat the evil.
Menganno is a former police officer who now roams the streets of Lanús, Argentina to fight crime.
Captain Ozone is a caped clean energy crusader from Washington state, who is considered by many to be the most phenomenal environmental activist of all time. NYC-based superwoman Terrifica patrols bars and parties in an effort to prevent inebriated women from being taken advantage of by men. Rain City Superhero Movement is a crime-fighting brigade that patrols the streets of Seattle to right wrongs.
Iqaluit-based superhero Anujan Panchadcharam shovels the snow off sidewalks during the day and patrolling the streets for criminals at night. The Crimson Canuck served in the Canadian Armed Forces for a few years before realizing that his political beliefs are at odds with the Army's collective ones.
This here is another superhero from Canada who chose this life after hearing a Vancouver police officer say that the homeless people in the city have nothing to look forward to except death itself. He hands out basic necessities to homeless people, such as sheets, blankets and jars of food. This London-based superhero uses an angle grinder to cut wheel clamps off vehicles which have been clamped in by police and parking officials. Media That Matters - From the serious to the hilarious, we share stories that rise to the top. When he was taken in by his aunt, things should have gotten easier but the cloudy spots in his eyes told a different story. Would you like to have that kind of experience?A Well, that is exactly what happened to the children of Israel when they left Egypt and wandered in the wilderness for forty years.
It's just that they don't get the attention they so deserve, and so, the world remains oblivious to the extraordinary feats they perform on a daily basis.

He wears blue clothing, a helmet and a shield similar to Captain America's shield, but with the colors of the Flag of Argentina. He is a rather orthodox superhero as he aims at preventing crime and inspiring normal people to be better. Instead of fighting crime, he uses his image to organize labor rallies, protests, file petitions, battle corruption, homophobia, animal rights, pollution and poverty. Witnesses have reported that the group has intervened in crimes on several occasions and often report on crime scenes even before the cops. Rumor has it that he took a severe beating during one of his endeavors and subsequently decided to retire. By his own account, he is a bit afraid of heights but constantly challenges himself to overcome this fear.
His motto is to promote unity in the local real-life superhero community -- because you know such God-gifted abilities could sometimes get to people's heads and create problems. He also assaults dog owners with their own animal's excrement if it is left behind on a lawn. The word a€?tempteda€? comes from the Greek word peiradzo, an old Greek word that means to put to the test.
The local police doesn't understand his actions, though, and want him to get out of their way. It meansA to test an object to see if its quality is as good as others have claimed, boasted, or advertised.
Forinstance, if you hear that a certain product is the finest of its kind in the world, it would be naturalA for you to want to check out and test the product to verify whether or not it really lives up to itsA claims. If they hadna€™tA had the divine intervention of God, they would never have survived their flight from Egypt or their yearsA in the wilderness.
Although you didna€™t intend to get into that financial mess, you found yourself in a situation where you needed to see the goodness of God!
You had heard and believed that God is a supernatural Provider;therefore, in a certain sense, your situation created a moment when Goda€™s goodness and delivering power could be tested. This situation would be the equivalent of you saying, a€?Lord, You say that You are a great Provider, so I need You to show me who You are! The word a€?proveda€? is takenA from the Greek wordA dokimadzo, which describes something that has been tested and found to be true and genuine.
It can be also translated as something that is authentic, reliable, approved, trustworthy, and real.A Moses had declared the goodness of God to the children of Israel, but each challenge they facedA gave God an opportunity to prove that He is exactly as Moses had declared Him to be.
But in a broader sense, horao carries the idea of seeing, perceiving, understanding, experiencing, and assimilating into onea€™s self. This tells us that the children ofIsrael saw and experienced enough of Goda€™s power to fully understand and assimilate it into theirA consciousness. If this is true, and if you take into account that God fed His people every day for 40 years, this meansA 65,700,000 tonsA of manna supernaturally appeared on the ground over a period of forty years! A This manna appeared so regularly, so faithfully, so a€?day in and day out,a€? that after a while, theA children of Israel didna€™t even think too much of it anymore. Supernatural provision became so commonplaceA among them that they forgot how supernatural it was and began to accept it as a normal,A regular occurrence. Thata€™s right a€” if each Israelite ate only one quail a day, in one month it would amount to 90,000,000 quail.
If they ate two quail a day, the total numberA needed to feed them all for thirty days would rise toA 180,000,000 quail.

Thata€™s how many quail it took to feed that crowd of three million Israelites in a thirty-day period. The thick clouds of quail must have been dense enough to nearly block the peoplea€™s view of the sun!
From what distance did God supernaturally call in the quail to feed the children of Israel?A This phenomenon simply could not be naturally explained. It was just as miraculous as the 4,500 tons of manna that miraculously appeared on the ground everyA morning for forty years.A How about the water that came out of the rock to meet the Israelitesa€™ need for water in the wilderness?
Do you have any idea how much water it would take to support three million Israelites in the blistering hot temperatures of the wilderness?
And consider the amount of water it would have taken to adequatelyA nourish 3,000,000 people and all the animals in the hot temperatures of the wilderness.
But because there was no natural source of water, it had to be provided for themA supernaturally.A So God told Moses to strike the rock (see Exodus 17). And once water started to flow, it continued to flowA and flow and flow, providing all the water needed by the people of God. After experiencing this kind of miraculous supply on such a continual basis, they should have trusted the Lord andA found it easy to follow Him. Hadna€™t He always supernaturally provided what they needed when there was no natural provision to be found?
What a privileged generation they were to see such marvelous acts of God!A But in spite of all the Israelites had seen, experienced, and assimilated about Goda€™s goodness, they became hardhearted. It was also used to describe the hardened soil of the desert a€” soil that was so hardened that water was unable to penetrate it and instead rolled right off. Is it possible that they became calloused toA the goodness of God because He had showered them with so much goodness?
The word a€?hardena€? seems to imply they becameA so calloused that nothing impressed them anymore. No matter how much of Goda€™s Spirit was poured out on them, His Presence justA rolled off them, unable to penetrate their hard hearts.
He changed you, healed you, delivered you, rescued your family,A gave you a new job, answered your prayers, and provided for you financially time and time again,A showering you with blessing upon blessing over the years. He proved Himself again and again, repeatedlyA demonstrating that He is reliable, trustworthy, and true. ItA is true that You have showered me with nonstop blessings a€” and today I want to take thisA opportunity to thank You for every good thing Youa€™ve done in my life. The situations I haveA faced in my life have put You to the test, and You have jumped at every chance to prove howA good You are. I have everyA reason to trust Him, for He has proven Himself to me again and again and I know He willA never let me down. As you read todaya€™s Breakfast, did you begin to think of all the times God has supernaturally provided for your own life? It would be very beneficial for youA to take a few minutes to reflect on all the times God has miraculously suppliedA what you needed.A 2. Have you had so many miraculous provisions in your life that youa€™ve begunA to lose your appreciation for all that God has done for you?

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