After you cut your paper to the exact size of your case, use a paint brush to completely cover the top of the case with Multipurpose Liquid Glue. Read the entire post first since there are options on how to make no sew drapes and curtains. Use drapery hooks attached to the back of the curtain and place the ends into with drapery rings. Make a simple rod pocket by folding the top of your panel over the diameter of the rod, plus 2-inches for no-sew seaming. I used decorative metal rings along with basic drapery hooks to hang my panels from the rod. Read the directions below to create the top finished edge and side edges for your panel and then hang your panel before creating the bottom hem.

Clip a ring to the top of the drape every 8 inches or so depending on the width of your panel. Check out the curtain panels Michael over at Inspired by Charm made.  He broke apart the links from chain for his rings.
And when you want an extra long curtain rod and need options check out what Mary at The Tall Chick made using electrical tubing.
Adhere the paper to the case and let it dry; then, using a paint brush, completely cover the case with Crystal Effects to make it water-resistant and more durable. This post is the tutorial for how I made the no sew drapes and or curtains that are hanging from that rod and finials. The rest of your fabric edges will just be a simple finished edge hem where you fold over the fabric and use fabric glue or iron-on adhesive to bond fabric together.

Then lay the case down and trace around the corners to get the exact measurement of the corners and the camera lens hole. This give the hooks something to grab onto and keeps the top of the panel looking crisp – not floppy.

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