To create an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported. Turn your profile photo into an It's On Us badge to showyour pledged commitment to helping stop sexual assault. Turn your profile photo into an It's On Us badge to show your pledged commitment to helping stop sexual assault. Get someone to help you if you see something - enlist a friend, RA, bartender, or host to help step in. If you see someone who is too intoxicated to consent, enlist their friends to help them leave safely. Recognize the potential danger of someone who talks about planning to target another person at a party.
Get in the way by creating a distraction, drawing attention to the situation, or separating them. If you are a victim or survivor, or helping someone in that situation go to to get the resources and information you need. Facebook doesn't allow us to set this image as your profile picture — that's something you've got to do yourself.
Information coming soon on how to support It's On Us and other organizations working to end sexual assault on college campuses. February 28, 2010 by Mary Lou Okay, so you have discovered the power and potential of online marketing, particularly with videos. The number one reason is obvious: your video marketing campaign is promoting YOU and YOUR offer.
Another reason taking the time can play in your favor is because as an online video marketer, one of your goals is to get a high number of views. What my informal research has revealed across all categories of videos is the ones that get the highest view counts are the ones that have a special factor that touches our emotions – they are cute, funny, disgusting,titillating, raunchy, whatever. But I also noticed that for internet marketing videos, the ones getting a lot of views are simply made well.
Following these basic guidelines, you will not only create higher-quality videos, but you should see your viewer numbers rise. It really lifts me up, puts a smile on my face, & gives me some extra 'food for thought' to share with my clients for the day! Chopping scallions and cooking, tossing scallions on salad, throwing away scraps, box X appears.
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As a Marketer, I love automation.It allows you to keep in contact with you customer database with tools such as autoreponders.
Just recently I received a very nice email from one of my suppliers wishing me a very happy birthday. Use automation to let you know when a customer has a birthday then pick up your smartphone and video yourself wishing them a happy birthday.
Now I can hear you saying, but Gerry, how can I do that – I have hundreds and thousands of customers.
By the way, if it’s your birthday today, I wish you all the very best for this special day.
FREE 3 DAY VIDEO BOOTCAMP Learn how to create your video to attract your ideal customer using Facebook and Youtube. This three hour fun filled workshop is designed to teach you the tricks of the trade to great looking makeup for yourself. Learn how to apply simple and quick fantastic day makeup and turn that day makeup into an evening look. In our step by step class exercises, you will learn how to have amazing makeup everyday and for every special occasion.
The course cost is fully redeemable on the night for Napoleon Perdis products of your choice! Add a message that says you took the pledge to stop sexual assault and invite others to take it, too. With the vast resources out there on the World Wide Web for publishing and promoting your internet marketing videos, the possibilities of creating your personal brand using video have never been greater, or faster. Anyone with a web cam or camcorder can film themselves and their message and within a matter of minutes, launch it across the web. I have spent a lot of time recently studying videos online as a means to understanding what attracts viewers to them. You will also add value to your personal brand, which, when all is said and done, is probably the most important piece of this puzzle. Sub-Headlines Should Always Refer Back To TheQuestion Or Statement In Your HeadlineSimply enter your best email below then click "Get Access Now!"button and you'll instantly get access to your ______________________________ -- 100% FREE!
This comprehensive online video training program will take your marketing to the next level. Based in Sydney, Australia, Gerry helps marketers and business owners create engaging video content targeted for their audience. This is not designed for a professional career but more for anyone wanting to learn to apply their own makeup like a professional.

Including foundations, concealers, eyes mascara, enhancing your features, lipstick, lipliner and skin preparation. And even though it will seem like I am about to contradict what I just wrote in the introduction, I am actually not: don’t rush your video production. Unless your goal is to be known as the newest Jackass on the Internet, and you honestly don’t care about what your video looks like as long as it gets out there, it pays to take your time. What exactly gets some videos 5, 6,even 7-figure digit view counts while others of similar type are barely watched at all? I am talking about the video’s creator clearly paid attention to little details that matter like lighting, sound, background, and attire, as well as message (aka CONTENT). It may not happen overnight, but in time the word will spread that you are a person of quality and substance as opposed to the dweeb or laughing stock of the online marketing world.
It’s worth using a separate microphone when possible to avoid that echo-chamber sound effect. She is the Founder & CEO of The Kingfisher Group and host of the Play Your Position Podcast, a show that celebrates leadership, achievement, and mastery. Speed is not your friend when it comes to making quality videos or creating your personal brand. Investing that extra hour or two to get your takes right, clean, and attractive will give you a higher return on your time investment in the long run. While we may enjoy watching low-ball stunts and cute kittens toddling around, when it comes to business and buying decisions, we are particular and will try to get the most quality for the lowest price. Certainly online video marketers want our videos spread as quickly as possible, but we want them passed around for the right reasons, not because we are the latest Internet joke.
In the long run, investing the time to get videos made well will benefit you, your efforts, and your personal brand tremendously. We want to buy from people we like, who attract us to them because we feel we can trust them.
Even when we can’t get the price as low as we’d like, in the end, statistics show that people will spend a little extra money, or upgrade, to get what they really want, rather than the other way around.

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