I was treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of acclaimed makeup school, The Academy of Freelance Makeup a couple of weeks ago so I headed into Soho, dodging thunderous downpours on the way.  Highly aware of how completely rubbish my own makeup looked that day, I settled into my seat to listen to Jana Ririnui, the creator of AOFM Pro and Jason Mallett, the director of AOFM Pro explain more about the school.
Thanks AOFM Pro for letting me have a nosey around your studios and in your beauty cupboards and a big thank you also to Jade, Assistant Head Of Education for a super hawt smokey eye to brighten up the rotten Summer downpours! I signed up for their professional hair and make up course yesterday – I CANNOT WAIT! Also, I guess there was a bit of a catch because you can only get the aftercare thing when you do the advanced one only and you cannot go to the advanced if you don’t do the basic one. Our after care is second to NONE and we always strive to give our students more and more work opportunities. I recently studied at AOFM, it’s a great place but the manager Kelly is so stuck up and she is pre Madonna and is not helpful and she treats everyone differently which is very upsetting. How late am I on this trend?  I’m like your Gran when she discovered the button for the interwebz. We’re approaching the climax of this year’s New Year Giveaway, UK ladies… you don’t wanna miss these last few days.  Seriously. I’m of the firm opinion that for the money, French pharmacy brands offer some of the best solutions for diffcult skin-types.
I recently saw this collection of six makeup bags along with more Dare To Dream beauty products at Walgreens, which is where you’ll be able to find them, as well.

My Final Thoughts: The LONDON SOHO NEW YORK® and Disney Dare To Dream makeup bags are not only adorable and beautifully designed, the are entirely funtional. I had absolutely NO inclination to do any kind of makeup courses until I stepped out of AOFM. He mentioned in one of his vids that it was from Guru Emporium (where MUFE is available in the UK). This is the most basic course we offer and many other schools offer much more costly courses. Please see our Facebook page were you will clearly see all the benefits our students get from studying with us.
After all my research i decided to go to one that cost $6000.usd which included my kit and photoshoot.
If you don’t mind, I was wondering if you could tell me about career opportunities you have had after completing this course. From powder to mascara and even a retractable brush, this bag is big enough to carry all of your touch-up essentials. These bags are sturdy and will keep your makeup organized and protection whether at home or out and about. They allowed me to go upstairs to one of the classes and it was quite interesting how their dinamic works.

Although alot of our graduates have been offered Jobs at MAC all over the world Its up to our graduate to push them selves for employment not the school We can offer you the skills but you have to the ground work to get Jobs. If you are serious about working as a professional makeup artist then you need to consider doing a longer course. There are schools now that you can find that are much less expensive or more, so looking into everything is very important and reading reviews. I desperately want to be a Makeup Artist and I am wondering what happens after the course is finished and I walk away with my qualification.
Thanks for your posting this as it’s giving me a little bit more insight, think I managed to find the building on Google maps as it seems quite discreet lol. I know AOFM offers graduates opportunities to work in Fashion Week, etc but have you had any other job opportunities? Each princess featured in this collection has a large makeup bag and a smaller round-top clutch. Its only offered to graduates who are truly serious about there career and who are happy to put in the ground work to learn the skills.

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