Custom made Travel Wallets with your agencies colours and printed with your logo is sure to impress your clients.
All shapes and sizes can be supplied with gold or nickel eyelets for secure and long-lasting attachment. These briefcases can be made in several different sizes to hold Insurance Policies or larger documents. Fallco Vinyl Products can supply just about anything you can think of made out of Flexible Vinyl. In the Wool section, there are several projects which use upcycled sweaters as new material for making projects.
As a project tester for this book, I had the privilege to review the pattern for the burlap bin before the book went to print. Surprisingly, I was able to sew through all of the layers, including topstitching all of the edges, without breaking a needle! The bins in the book are made from upcycled coffee bags, and if I ever come across some of these bags, I know exactly what to do with them.
These bins are great for holding books or fabric scraps, which I’m currently using mine for. Yarn Shop is a set of shade cards for your phoneor tablet that includes all the Canadian Collection yarn colours.
Camilla Valley Farm is pleased to offer this 100% Worsted Wool Yarn that is perfect for knitting sweaters, hats, mittens and other garments. This Worsted weight 2-ply yarn is a staple of many of the small family run spinning mills scattered across Canada. Note that our Canadian Collection yarn is the perfect substitute for any project that calls for a Worsted weight yarn including Cabled and Fair-Isle designs.

The sample card to the right and the swatches below include samples of each of the yarn colours. Note: While the picture of the sample card provides a fairly accurate reproduction of the colours and sizes, how they are represented can vary from computer monitor to computer monitor. Orders may be placed using one of the secure online order forms we have for US , Canadian or International customers (this form should open in another window). Payment can be made using VISA or Mastercard, Cheque or Money Order in US or Canadian funds. If you are looking for other items on our website, try using our product directories to quickly find what you are looking for! If you are looking for a gift for a Knitter or Weaver and can't figure out what they want, a Camilla Valley Farm Gift Certificate is an excellent way to ensure you get the perfect gift! Keep up to date with what is new at Camilla Valley Farm by following us on our Twitter feed! We hope this site will help you decide which way we can help you Market, Package, and Promote YOUR product. The sewing projects inside range from beginner to intermediate, and there are also some great design touches, like printing on fabric.
There is also a chapter on printing basics, which covers freezer paper printing and stamping. And if you aren’t into buying linen yardage, which can be quite expensive, suggested materials include upcycled linen skirts and dresses.
The water- and tear-resistant material can be repurposed as material for zip pouches, a banner, notebook and luggage tags.

The cats, on the other hand, can certainly appreciate the burlap bin for its structured coziness. These luggage tags also available in bright colours to make luggage stand out when traveling in groups. And as always can be made in your company's colours and with clear front for easy identification.
If sweaters aren’t avilable, another affordable material could be a sturdy wool felt. Some of the other materials featured in the book are jersey (t-shirt material), denim, vintage fabrics and burlap. After trying other hosting companies, Craft Buds proudly uses Bluehost (affiliate link) for all of our hosting needs. As you can see below, I changed my mind about the slots halfway through, and decided to just make one handle slot (although I had already created two slots in the lining fabric). It's super reliable, a great value (just a few dollars a month!) and easy to install Wordpress with one click. Two clear full-width pockets hold a personal hand written note and a photo of the wedding couple.

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