The Designer accepts total responsibility for this product, its use and any copyright issues that arise. If your new to folding then this is a great opportunity to try folding your first book as full detailed instructions included with the pattern.
We are always happy to showcase customers finished pieces, so please send us a picture when you complete the pattern so we can show it of. As with all our patterns 100% tested and works great, however if you do have any questions or problems please contact us straight away. Any sharing or re-selling of ANY of our patterns in any form including photocopying, printed format, Facebook, via email or any social media is strictly prohibited. Selling completed books made from our patterns for commercial use is permitted PROVIDING recognition for the design is given to ourselves.
Looking for a simple, low-cost, out-of-the-ordinary way to add pizzazz to your Christmas decor? Fold back the pages and break down the spine so it becomes more flexible and opens up the pages of the book. Start again, this time fold the first and subsequent pages with the edge close up to the spine again.

To make your Folded Paperback Book Tree a Christmas Tree, you’ll want to add a Tree Topper. You will be making multitudes of these trees, so spring for a whole package of tiny Christmas Balls.
Slowly pull the decorative surround and wire hanging hook off from the base of the ornament. Immediately place the competed Christmas Ball, decorative end side down, on the glued tree top. Assuming you have a supply of paperback books and a glue gun, you can create at least a dozen Folded Paperback Book Christmas Trees for a dollar! If you have the time and are crafty, you might want to spray paint your trees, add glitter, make paper ornaments, and add garland, photos, words, or angels.
A trio of trees is making a magic moment with my summer ivy plant on top of my china cabinet.
So what kinds of things have you done to make your home more festive without costing an arm and a leg?
Hi Diane, this is my first time here and I think this is great~I’ve seen making the tree before but this is my first time to see it on top of a candle holder and topped with a Christmas ball!

Diane, I was poking around your lovely site and I found this post…I am in love with these trees! I know that it’s not even Halloween yet, but I am pinning this and I am going to get started making a few right away!
We just got little candle holders and votive holders at the dollar store and hot glued them on. One of my friends said that it was one of her favorites and I’ve given her a lot of handmade gifts. I have tons of newspaper that I want to put to good use, rather than just thrown in the dumpster. My book was almost 300 pages and I ended up with two large trees and then I cut the remaining in half and made two half size trees!

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