Once you have the background layer ready, get the Gradient Tool (G) and, choose the radial type and the Foreground to Background preset. The diameter of my circular shape is about 350px but yours will depend on the size of your canvas. Another way of doing it is by drawing a circular selection with the Elliptical Marquee Tool (M) and stoke the selection. I wanted a glossy look for this logo so I also added Inner Glow using white color and Overlay blend mode. Now select the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and create some rectangular selections like in the image below and fill them with white. Use a soft brush and paint two white spotlights on the logo and change the blend mode to Overlay. You can make the lights even brighter if you add some Outer Glow with Color Dodge blend mode to the circular shape that you made on Step 3.
As always, if you enjoyed this tutorial, you can support me by simply stumbling this article or saving it on delicious. Tagged 2011 tutorials, effect, free, hd, lights, new photoshop tutorial, photoshop 2011, wallpaper, wallpaper freebies, wallpaper tuorial, widescreen, windows 7 wallpaper, windows tutorial.
I assume that you are reading this article because you are doing some due diligence on Jeunesse Global and you are trying to figure out whether their MLM business model is a scam or a real home business opportunity.
If you are not sure about the Jeunesse Global then I urge you to read this entire article – I think you will get some real value from it and it will allow you to make an educated decision. Before going on, I do want to disclose that I am not affiliated with Jeunesse in any way, I am not in any Jeunesse downline and I don’t use any of the Jeunesse Global products.
The added benefit to me not being affiliated with Jeunesse Global in any way, is that you will get a true third party perspective on the business. It is always interesting when someone asks me if an MLM company is a scam or a legitimate opportunity.
Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC was founded in 2009 by Randy Ray, CEO; Wendy Lewis, COO and they operate from their global head office in Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA. Jeunesse Global has certainly grown quickly since its inception and it now has total annual sales revenues of $257M which places them in the top 50 biggest MLM companies in the world. For the people who are familiar with the United States MLM laws that were established in the 1970s it is clear when they look at Jeunesse Global that as well as being an great Network Marketing company, they also comply with MLM laws not just with the FTC in the US but also in every country that they operate in.
Whether or not a multi-level marketing company is a scam is a question that gets asked due to people not having any understanding of the legal parameters that a legal MLM company has to operate within. Jeunesse Global research scientists formulate the products using the new and leading-edge science of Stem Cell technology, nutrigenomics , Antioxidants and DNA Repair to develop their exclusive and unique products.
According to a leading market research company, Mintel the global beauty and wellness market size is estimated at approximately $500 billion per annum.

The Jeunesse Global compensation plan is a hybrid binary plan and they provide at least six ways to be rewarded financially for your efforts including Retail Profit on sales of the products, Customer Acquisition Bonus, Team Commission on team sales, Leadership Matching Bonuses through 7 levels, Customer Acquisition Incentive, and Leadership Bonus Pool.
When I looked at what long term distributors had to say about the Jeunesse Global business opportunity they were on the whole very positive about it. If you are on the verge of signing up with Jeunesse Global as a distributor then rather than wasting your valuable time deliberating if the business model is a scam, you would get far more benefit from learning the critical result getting skills that you need to master, to get your Jeunesse business to the next level and recruit more people into your down line quicker. There is some free of charge training here that will provide you with the skills that you require to move your business to the next level by overcoming the potential limitations of selling to friends and family. I used 2000×1200 pixels because I wanted to make sure I can go with lower resolutions. Everything must be perfectly centered so go to View>New guide and type 50% on both the Horizontal and Vertical. Open the concrete texture and paste it on a new layer above your background layer scaling it down to fit your document.
Draw a soft white line with the Brush and use the Motion Blur filter to stretch it horizontally. This will not look very good right now but it’s useful when we will add the lights under the logo later one.
Create a new layer above the logo layer and load the logo selection (Ctrl+click on it’s thumbnail on the palette) and then select the layer that you just created and click the layer mask icon to create a layer mask. Get a big soft brush and paint the colors under the logo with a single stroke like in the image below.
In order to make my work easier I grouped the four lights and I named the group Color Dodge. Perhaps you have been approached by someone with the business opportunity, or perhaps you are already a Jeunesse Global distributor and you are having a look at what people are saying about their business opportunity, or perhaps you are a competitor or somebody that is promoting an alternative opportunity and you just want a better understanding of what Jeunesse Global is all about. I have a FREE GIFT that I would like you to have that will make it easier for you to recruit more people into any multi-level marketing business. I have no agenda I am neither someone who will gain if you join and I am not someone who failed with it and therefore I blame the company for my own failings. In the case of Jeunesse Global the answer to this question is undoubtedly NO – I will now explain why this is the case. The company’s product range is currently centred around personal skin care anti-aging products and also nutrition products which they distribute to over 85 countries around the globe, using a MLM business model to distribute their product through over 400,000 independent distributors. They have also qualified to be a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and they abide by their code of ethics. For the people who don’t know this important information they will very quickly and incorrectly accuse legitimate MLM opportunities of being illegal Pyramid Scams. The anti-aging portion of the market is estimated to be approximately $100 billion annually, with an annual global growth rate of between 8% and 10% over the next decade.

The binary pay plan has been used for a long time by a lot of MLM companies, and has proven to provide the opportunity to make a lot of money for many distributors in many companies. It is clear with the rate of growth that Jeunesse Global has experienced in a fairly short period of time that they have got the mix of product quality and MLM business opportunity right to make this happen.
As I mentioned previously you may have a free gift from me to help you to achieve this – CLICK HERE for your FREE GIFT. Are You Searching for the Truth About the ‘It Works’ Global MLM Business Model? And nothing compliments childhood more than conjuring memories of your favorite DISNEY characters, with this fun range of beauty ensembles. The benefit of using a custom shape in wallpapers is that you can change the size of the wallpaper without loosing quality. I added a 14px stroke to the circular shape and then I turned the effect into a separate layer.
I really needed the logo to be as vector rather than a brush or something like that because I wanted full quality on the edges even If I resize it. When the Path is created, go to Edit>Define Custom Shape, give it any name you want and click OK to save it.
Use the guides to center it and hold down the Shift key while you draw so that you keep the aspect ratio. Then I duplicated the group and I changed the blend mode of the layers inside to Vivid light. This blend of experience merges together the essential knowledge to be able to access a multilevel marketing home business opportunity in a way that most people are not able to due to a lack of experience which means they don’t see everything that I see.
In June 2013 they won Direct Selling Association’s ETHOS Rising Star Award which is a prestigious accolade that recognizes successful direct selling companies that have dedicated themselves to achieving high standards of excellence in their business performance. This happens because most people do not take the time to read the background of the US cases that took place in the nineteen seventies. They also have dietary supplemental products to achieve optimal health and slow the symptoms of premature aging; and fruit blend gels for anti-aging.
So, I googled the windows logo and I downloaded a PNG logo and I used it to create a custom shape. Then, using the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) select each of the four squares of the logo and cut them on separate layers below the original logo. For the people who do know about this they only need to look at a few aspects of the Jeunesse Global opportunity to see that it is a legitimate opportunity that is providing palpable value to the home business opportunity market.

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