It is amazing how many people compose beautiful reels, but forget to incorporate their contact info! And while your here, go ahead and download a free production music track to try incorporating into your next demo reel or video editing project! Instead of trying to squeeze all of your work into the reel, go through and pick out the top 25%. Remember, you demo reel is your first shot at making an impression and branding yourself, so your name (or company name) should be a predominate part of that equation. It is not meant to be a compilation of all of your work, just a highlight reel of the best stuff.
That should help you narrow down what is really impressive and representative of your style, and what is just filler.

While most video editors seem to choose some type of fast paced techno beat, you can also make a splash with something simple and though provoking.
Including your name in the beginning and the end of the video, as well as within the YouTube or Vimeo description, is a wise idea. Your goal should be to capture their attention in the first 20 seconds and to impress them with your skill and style in the following 40 seconds. To say that it is dire to pay utmost attention to detail when editing a reel may be an understatement. Either way, use the music to your advantage, but remember that not everyone will watch your reel with the audio on. Be original also means to avoid using tutorials or stealing ideas from other reels you’ve seen.

We’ve put together a list of five tips and tricks to make sure your video editing demo reel is the best it can be. Chances are if you’ve seen it, your potential employer or client has seen it as well. Keep everything original and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

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