It's no secret that slimes are one of our favorite sensory materials here at Fun at Home with Kids. I minored in chemistry back in college - many years ago (and before a lot of sleep deprivation, hahaha) - but I knew the answer would be in the reaction between glue and liquid starch or borax. After doing a bit of research, I discovered that anything containing a borate ion would react with the polyvinyl alcohol in washable school glue. So I needed to see if there was a source of borate ion (either borax or boric acid) that was readily available in the UK.

With the help of lovely Sarah - I was able to research another brand and found the correct ingredient in Almat Laundry Gel Non-Bio. Sharon Vanstone from the UK experimented with making the slime with regular PVA glue and Almat and some clear craft glue she found in small tubes and glitter and Almat.
Estelle Maidstone from the UK gave Lidl's Formil Bio Gel a try and reports that it also works! I have not yet been able to locate an online store that carries Liquid Tide Free and Gentle, but I suspect there is one.

And Aussies, Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning found an Aussie brand of liquid starch that works in this post. According to my online research, Liquid Universal Dixan, Blue Dixan Power Gel, and Multicolored Liquid Dixan all contain the correct ingredient.

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