Tap the small nails into the tube at random intervals until there is one every few inches or so.
Next she covered the whole tube in glue then had a wonderful time emptying the contents of the Jar of Wonder and sticking them all over it. I had a packet of animal print papers from the ?1 shop and we tore them into pieces together (a fun activity all by itself!) and added those too. Ha ha, yes indeedy, we love our Jar of Wonder (and have many now!) Read about it in this post here.
Aleacia, I just visited your jungle theme art work and rain stick and they are all amazing!! I have grown to LOVE this common wooden structure that so often goes unnoticed and tossed aside after it’s initial job of assisting in the transportation of something.
We were able to acquire 6 pallets that were no longer needed at a job site, bought some screws, a 4×4 post and a sheet of plywood and got to work.
Because the pallets are able to hold their own in weight and structure, all we had to do stand them up on end, put them in an L shape, screw them to the deck and then together and the basis of our bar was set.
I bought a few things at the Aloha Market (read about it here) to complete our tiki look and now all we need is to stock the bar and have a party!
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You could take plywood, stain it and then score it with steel wool or even hammer it, then seal it with a poly coat.
Did you do both sides of the table before you secured it or did you only do the top and the edge? It is from the blue cloth I laid on the plywood before applying the modpodge and pour on surfacing product. Teacher's Guide 2013-Free worksheets, printouts, lesson plans, SMARTBoard templates, and more. At first sight, this magnificent outdoor garden decoration might be confused with an artist’s sculpture. The trick you have to remember when beginning this type of project is that concrete doesn’t act like clay.
How do you get the fingernails and wrinkles to show if you just pour the concrete into the gloves? I was thinking you could try this- draw nail lines on the outside of the gloves before filling.
You could take a dremel tool with a grinding bit to do the nails, Walmart sells dremels for under $40 and they can be used on wood, cut nails and metal and grind dogs toenails… they are a wonderful tool.
I agree -plus what Stacy said – please add to the instructions DIY & Goodshomedesign!!!
Think it would work if you let the cement harden a bit then do the sculpting of the nails and knuckles on the outside of the glove?

Your correct, wait until the cement has set up but not until it is compleatly hard, then you could add the details your wanting to it. A hand held dremel with a grinding bit would sculpt out the nails but you would need goggles. Sure, like the gloves are going to leave imprints for fingernails and lines on the knuckles. Trying to pin this project, but Pinterest says the link is blocked because it may lead to spam. But how did they get the imprints of the finger nails and other lines and such by just filling of the gloves?
It’s a neat idea, except that almost all of the hands you are showing as the completed result have fingernails.
And it would be cooler if they were really BIG hands, any ideas for where to get really BIG gloves? Thats because the first pictures are the ONLY ones that were made with the gloves, the rest are comparison pictures to what a sculpture does with clay and molds! How do you get the fingernails and knuckle wrinkles if you’re using gloves for molds? A parent of a child I once taught told me how to make a rain stick (or rain maker) while we were doing a project about the rainforest. We went with it and she had a really good attempt at banging (with the wrong side of the hammer lots of the time!) I tapped a couple in part way for her and she had fun bashing them the rest of the way and was pretty impressed with herself. The more nails you tap in, the longer it will take for the beans to fall through, making the noise last longer.
I’m sure there are 101 things you could use from rice to macaroni, couscous to beads! You can choose to cover it in whatever way you please, but beware that the nails need to be covered somehow to stop little fingers working out a way to pull them out! And I am just thrilled that you’ve shared the secret of how to get that falling noise, which we all love! I’ll be posting it on my Counting Coconuts Facebook page – thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful idea! I was telling Zhenia all about the pics I saw on another blog of young kids banging nails into blocks of wood and how Max would love it and we should let him have a go. I just found myself without a job and have a ton of time on my hands with my 2 year old son, such a blessing, but your site is helping me and him do fabulous fun mommy and me time!
I have everything else in place, just wondering how you attached the plywood to the top of the pallets?
Evoking an almost Zen-like ambiance, the Concrete Garden Hands are used to both improve the design of your garden and fulfill a useful mission as a planter. If you want a smooth piece of decoration, you will want the concrete to be a bit on the dryer side when you mix it up.

I do alot of work with cement statues and things,including repair and rebuilding work for people. Pouring the concrete in the gloves doesn’t produce the fingernails and the creases on the joints. I didn’t see anything in the description to explain how to get the realistic fingers.
The hands in the photos have obviously had much more detail put into them than you will get from a pair of rubber gloves!
How do you get the fingernails and detailing such as the smooth hands and wrinkles at the knuckles?? Apart from that you just need a hammer, some small nails (I used panel pins) and something to put inside the tube to make the noise with. Instead I gave her another stack of coloured paper and she started sticking on there instead.
I want to try the second recipe with the flour, sugar, etc but i’m worried it won’t turn out how yours did!
Been trying to figure out what to use to seal the wood on the bar and the foot rails around the bottom. My problem is I’m going for the Bushveld look and the blue counter top will not look as good as yours. The photos with those details are obviously not made with concrete or by simply filling the latex gloves.
It is difficult to imagine due to the outside of the hands being face down while it is curing. You will not get hands that have the natural finger creases at the knuckles that hands have, either. Do not expect to pour concrete into rubber gloves and get very smooth detailed lifelike hand back or you will be severely disappointed.
The ones made with these instructions will not look like any of the pictures and most likely be a huge dissapointed. I understand you poured on the goop which dried like a clear laquer but at what point and what materials did you make it blue? Position the gloves into the desired position, preferably into a bucket filled with some cloths (in order to help you with the final shape) and leave the concrete to cure for a couple of days. When you show a product that is not achievable with the procedure you are suggesting, it is called misrepresentation and false advertising. I would suggest to use ONLY photos of the actual results of the process your instructions describe, and not other photos of other things that are not achievable with the process.

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