Sorry, but it looks like you are using an old version of Internet Explorer, which is not compatible with our website. 2008 For this hugely popular feature film based around the hits of ABBA we were involved in the creation of a Greek village in Pinewood Studios. 2008 As part of a Spring Rennaissance promotion in Covent Garden, we were commissioned to make a giant floral peacock to be exhibited for four weeks in the Piazza .  The body of the bird was carved from polystyrene and covered with thousands of blue silk petals.

Hundreds of containerised Mediterranean plants were dressed into the set and had to be maintained in the studio with grow lights and a watering system to keep them looking their best over the extended period of preparation and filming.
The colourful trailing tail was constructed with Rhododendron roots to make a woven fretwork into which alpine flowers were planted. The living plants were supplemented with colourful artificial bougainvillea and Nasturtium, rambling over rooftops and across walls.

The giant Olive was a real tree to which we grafted extended  Olive branches, dressed with foliage and fruit to create the authentic atmosphere of a shady Greek tavern terrace.

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