Entrepreneurs who have broken new frontiers know that managing business effectively goes beyond having a wonderful business plan. Did you know how annoying and frustrating it could be to deal with one who never keeps to his word. No pun intended at all; but truly speaking it’s your capacity to do what you have that stands you out.
Those who have risen to the summit of their businesses by being sincere never tell tales of woes, rather they are happy they towed the line and it paid off. The way you stay true to your customers will be a determining factor of how many more customers you will attract and how your business will boom. My name is Valentine, founder of this site, an entrepreneur working as a moderator at Bizsugar a small business community news site. I am really impressed with your writing skills and such information which you have carried. Perhaps it’s just me and my crazy expectations, but it seems fewer and fewer business owners are sincere enough to 1) get my business in the first place, 2) IF they get my business, I will not be a repeat customer, and 3) get customer referrals from me.
A When managing a business blog, you have to treat each and every article as though it were a product that you were creating.
When you are posting updates on your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, you need to have your own unique content to share.
If you run a personal blog, you can post any kind of content that you want, but in the case of a business blog, you have to ensure that you only post content which is consider to be of high quality. Your business blog is a big reflection on you and your business as a whole, which is why you need to make sure that quality is shown on each and every post that you put out. Your readers will be regularly keeping themselves updated with your site, therefore you should be ready to comment and talk with these people.
If you are looking to target a local audience, you have to look at implementing local SEO too. Why not ask your company employees to write their opinions and expertise on the blog to get more people interested. You should not only ask others to guest post on your blog, but you should also be ready to guest post on other peoples blogs. Even though your main aim of maintaining a business blog is to publicize and promote your products or services, you should give first priority to people. You might have created lots of promotional campaigns for your business, so it is better if you can avoid too much promotional content on your business blog.
Another fine post and from Amit as well, always good to see he does what he says like write guest posts and here he is… why does he do it? I have found interviews to be very powerful too, so far I have only done written interviews but I would like to move into Pat Flynn style podcast interviews which I believe could be very powerful.
Yeah Tutorial post is really worked super for me, When ever i write tutorial post i always try to find long tail keyword, its really provide me awesome visit as well. Long tail keywords are very affective at driving traffic, so it’s always worth people including them in their guest posts. You are always welcome to write for our site Andi, I’ll look forward to reading your submission. Yes, guest blogging can be a great way to raise your profile online and gain some exposure, especially when first starting out. Last year Online Ownership launched an initiative; Put Your Corby Business on the Map which I will admit has had a very small uptake. A user that is located in Corby, does not have to specifically use the location ( Corby ) within search.

The same applies to Mobile search, however Google does not rely on IP address rather Geo cordinates from the phone to determine how close a user is to the business. A local business can now see more actionable information about their business page in terms of visibility, engagement, audience, clicks, driving requests and phone calls. Data does take time to build up within business page insights and I will update when data is reporting in all sections. Fantastic results in such a short period for this Corby Business, well done to them for taking the initiative. Read through the set up process, before you begin, then follow the Guide in creating your new business page. Pretty much every local SEO out there claims to be a Google Business Expert, but who are the real Google My Business Experts?.
Manage Your Risk words on a thermometer measuring risky behavior or danger factors in business or life. TO DO LISTThe first thing to do is to draw up a to-do list with a list of tasks, ranked according to their importance and when they need to be done by. They know that to run a successful business that can compete favorably with fulfilled businesses; one must never toy with sincerity.
If you are truly sincere in your relationships, a lot of weaknesses you may have will be overlooked. Do not try to fake your way through your business operations, because your customers will be able to see right through you.
And you must not function in ways that are obviously against the company’s traditional values.
Brands that have been found wanting know that adding value requires staying true to what you say. Little wonder it makes it difficult to win the heart of potential customers who are addicted to reliable brands.
When a customer gets addicted to you because of your fidelity, you can be sure of many more customers. It is a challenge as you do business, maybe especially on the internet, because you want to earn money, but should you then recommend businesses that give lots of commission (with much higher prices), or should you recommend the cheaper versions which gives you less cash, but that will serve your readers and visitors better? I agree with your comment and I believe being sincerity and Integrity plays a great role in online and offline business because you must make people to trust you first by rendering a good service and being an open minded person before you will start to offer any products to anyone to buy from you. You can write just about anything on a personal blog, but it is a different ball game when it comes to running a business blog. A Try to spend some time making sure that absolutely everything is fine with the article and that it is perfectly well written before you commit yourself to publishing it.
You might be posting something on a A general topic, but it still should be unique and should be your very own, depicting your style and passion. It is better to wait and post the best content possible, rather than compromising on low quality content just to post something.
Your job is to target them specifically by being able to post useful content that they will be interested in.
Use tracking tools andA analyseA the demographics of your visitors to further improve your site and get better results. You can gain huge publicity and credibility online by conducting webinars to your visitors, or try getting an interview with someone you look up to in your niche. You can even invite professionals in your industry to write for your blog and give a different perspective for your readers.
This will not only drive traffic to your site, but it will also be helpful in gaining credibility in your niche.

Some people may think that this is not a good idea, but you will soon find that you can get increased credibility in this way. A Post tutorials that help teach readers to do something, post videos explaining something, answer peoples questions, conduct interviews, webinars, etc.
What other tips would you give to someone running a business blog?A  Please let us know by leaving a comment below! He is the founder and editor of authority blog iTechCode where he mainly shares various topics on such things as; blogging tips, social media, SEO, tech updates and many other topics.
Because it works, I have written a guest post today for another site and should start another soon for a great site called OIT… doing guest posts is a very powerful tool, combine that with interacting with people and telling your own story you will quickly build up a following and become recognised which grows trust.
Guest blogging is an excellent and underrated way to help new bloggers gain exposure, traffic and credibility. The campaign page provides a resource for Corby Businesses that allows them to take advantage of Google Business Pages and to increase their businesses online visibility and traffic. This guide starts at the very beginning of the process, with account creation to claiming and verifying your new Google Business Page. Officially ( from Google ) there are currently nine Google My Business Experts, or Top Contributors around the world. After two weeks theya€™ll have an idea of how much time theya€™re wasting.a€?How much of that time was spent achieving the strategic goals of the business and how much was spent doing things that probably could have been put off or not at all?a€? he says.
In the long run I guess version two is the better, but this is for sure one of those great challenges you face doing business (on the Internet).
Social media is becoming very powerful these days and hence you will be able to get maximum exposure if you are posting good and interesting content on social media.
A By doing this, you can win the hearts of your prospective customers and ultimately grow your brand. You can get good authority on the topic and can build high quality backlinks by doing this. You have to focus on your visitors first and have to pay much attention to their responses.
A All this helps to attract traffic to your site by offering quality information that people want to read. They created and verified their Google business page in Nov 2015,  the businesses does not have a website, all the data is supplied via their Business Page Insights. Social networking sites, discussion boards and blogs of same niche can be helpful for this purpose. For instance, if you have a list of all the phone calls you need to make, you could use a spare 10 minutes between appointments to get a couple out of the way.The second advantage is that it helps with prioritising tasks. A business owner might have a dozen things they need to read and seeing them all laid out in a list would allow them to decide which is the most important and has to be read immediately.BREAK WORK INTO CHUNKS AND STOP PROCASTINATINGOne of the key reasons people procrastinate is that they have a large or complex project to undertake and dona€™t know how to begin. That way the time is blocked out and wona€™t be subject to other demands.a€?One of the most important things you can do is seize control of your time and make appointments with yourself,a€? he says. He recommends setting aside specific times for telephone calls and trying to limit them to three minutes.Shut your office door to send a message to would be visitors that you are not available and set aside specific times to take visitors. Another tip is not to invite visitors to sit down a€“ theya€™ll leave more quickly if theya€™re standing.

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