How would you like to be trained by the people who organised Madonna’s wedding and Robbie William’s 30th birthday bash? This event management course is authored and tutored by those very people and they give you key insights and training in how to make any sort of event a smash hit. How would you like to be trained by the people who organised Madonna’s wedding and Robbie William’s 30th birthday bash? The event market is pretty diverse and can mean organising anything from a simple company board meeting to large outdoor events or indoor exhibitions and conferences. The name given to the discipline where the whole package including travel, incentives and event management is provided is called Destination Management. Use the Supplier Directory to maintain a list of suppliers that each of your clients can use. At the end of this course successful learners will also receive a Level 3 NCFE Award Certificate of Achievement. The Distance Education Academy can only approximate the time it takes to complete online courses as it will largely depend on your speed of learning and assimilation plus how often and how much time you can dedicate to study.
This distance learning course provides unlimited access to your personal tutor who will be a specialist in the field you are studying. We also have a team of online course advisors and administrators who will give you friendly and relevant advice on issues relating to your online courses and study.
There are question papers set after each session; these have to be completed and sent to your tutor to mark.

Australian Golf Course Management Pty Ltd is a company designed to service the turf industry in all areas of operation. Australian Golf Course Management can offer potential clients considerable resources through strong alliances within the turf industry, coupled with the ability to source the most cost effective materials and associated resources to service any turf related project or maintenance requirements. Guys, can you tell me the fees of Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, 1st Year Degree Course in Hospitality & Hotel Administration??
Other Discussions related to this topic Thread MBA in Hotel Management after completing BMS Top Hotel Management Universities BSc Hotel Management Courses Admission for Hotel Management Hotel Management from BHU? Make a commitment to becoming a better Product Manager by taking the intensive prep course and earning the Certified Product Manager (CPM) credential. The CPM certification crosses both industry and national barriers, making those holding the credential uniquely qualified to lead any product wherever it may be in its lifecycle.
This course helps attendees review the key concepts and terminology used in the Certified Product Manager exam. This Event Management Diploma also provides access to further training for those interested in achieving a tourism qualification. You also need to complete a question paper after each lesson and these normally will take 1 – 2 hours. Their role is to make sure you get appropriate and constructive feedback and to answer your questions and provide guidance on areas you are not sure about. We will always try to make you feel like you’re not by yourself and that someone will help you if you get into difficulties with your distance education.

Continuous assessment like this means that your progress is monitored regularly, and that any problems or difficulties are identified and addressed as early as possible. The course will discuss Strategic and product planning concepts, Product life cycle, Products, services, Branding, strategy, Marketing mix, Buyer behaviour, Value chain, Pricing, Product launches, Product roadmaps and Roles, Processes, Requirements and much more.
Event Planner Pro is professional event planner software designed for professional event planners to use to organise their business and their clients’ events. And with fantastic, instant access to on-screen help, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘?’ at the top of every screen, you’ll find everything you need at your fingertips to plan multiple events.
The Distance Education Academy only offers fully approved and recognised online courses that will further your knowledge and careers. The Company has 21 full time employees, all highly skilled and experienced in all areas of turf maintenance and construction.
Australian Golf Course Management offers a complete course management package, which can include consulting or contract maintenance. You can keep track of their invoices and expenses, define your own categories, and even organise your clients’ guest lists and seating plans.

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