If you are someone who is looking for a recognised qualification that will enable you to meet the challenges of a managerial role, then a short management course is what you need.
These courses are ideal for both experienced managers who want to broaden and improve their existing skill sets, as well as those new to management and who wish to build their knowledge of contemporary management techniques.
Due to time constraints classes tend to be immersive environments, where you participate in challenging case studies, as well as individual and group activities to apply management tools, techniques and strategies. Many training providers allow you to custom your courses to meet your requirements at no additional cost. Whilst you are digesting what you have learnt there will always be help there for you if you need advice, guidance and coaching. PMI Africa partnered with some of the most prestigious insitutions to ensure recognised and accredited programs, including the Balanced Scorecard Institute and the 8020 group.
Financial management is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. SAP AG provides some of the best financial software packages in the world, which are perfect to manage all budgeting, accounting and payroll needs, and provide risk management, performance management, reporting and analytics.
Financial performance management so that managers can identify areas of poor performance and implement solutions. Corporate treasury tools to aid financial risk management, regulatory compliance and monitor cash flow and liquidity.
Real restate lifecycle management, which relates to buying, building, selling, maintaining and growing the capital of property investments.
The diversity of the SAP financial software packages available has resulted in an equally diverse variety of courses for financial managers, accountants and bookkeepers. SAP Certified Application Associate – Financial Accounting with SAP ERP 6.0 EHP4 from SAP’s Training and Certification Shop. SAP Education Australia & New Zealand offers several financial management-related courses, including Business Processes in Financial Accounting, Asset Accounting, Product Cost Planning, Profitability Analysis, and Payroll Configuration.
University of Technology Sydney (UTS) offers what it calls an “intensive progressive program in accounting” with specific focus on SAP ERP financial management packages.
ERP Tips offers an SAP Financial Accounting (SAP FI) module that includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Bank Accounting, and Funds Management.

SAP finance-related jobs are quite well-paid and what is fortunate is that finance professionals are in demand in Australia.
It’s easy to forget that for most In-House Recruiters, the recruitment life cycle really kicks-in with the need to identify what candidate is required, what information is needed – and how to gain authorisation and sign-off. In fact, this is crucial both to your own ‘Internal Brand’ as a trusted Business Consultant, your internal client’s satisfaction and engagement – and the eventual, all-important candidate experience.
Whatever your sector, process, hierarchy, budget or working culture, our courses are designed to show you how best to manage this critical stage and your internal client – putting in place a firm shared stakeholder foundation for successful hiring.
Ingenium training courses look specifically at helping teams and individuals develop stakeholder management skills – building buy-in from the business, extracting vital market intelligence held within the business and optimising use of external market data. We have designed the courses to equip in-house resourcing professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to successfully get buy-in from the business; whilst promoting the credibility and visibility of the teams to internal and external stakeholders.
We are here to work with you and support your learning journey – before, during and after your training.
If you would prefer us to call or email you, just fill out the form below with a brief message and we will get back to you.
Please add the answer to 4+4 as a number in the box below so that we know you are a person. Be the first to receive the latest Library Highlights by email, click below and join us today – it’s absolutely free! Select any courses of interest, add your contact details, and we will get in touch at a convenient time to suit you. We work with talented teams, recruiting for leading brands and public sector organisations, all over the world. Uzma Chaudhry, Resourcing Advisor at London Borough of Camden talks about how the practical exercises and advice gave her the chance to improve and work wonders on her job ads. Many thanks to our brilliant trainer Steve McNally for helping our delegates to transform their copywriting skills.
We work with talented industry professionals who provide an exemplary service to In-House Resourcing teams.
Find out how they can help you by clicking through to their websites below, and if you would like to find out how we work together, please call us on 0845 459 1990.

Find out more about who we are, what we do and how we can help you acquire, manage and develop your talent most effectively through bespoke training and improvement. It means making decisions of the highest quality, and this is more likely to be the result of an organised and informed approach. It can make a real and measurable difference to your performance by giving you skills that will increase your ability, effectiveness and productivity. Quiet a few go straight into jobs where they get to immediately put into practice what they have learnt. Students get to use plenty of real-world examples to bring the subject matter to life and to explain the different concepts involved. Some of our programs are accredited by the George Washington University and we're also a credited service provider for the Services SETA.
Without financial management businesses don’t know whether they’re running at a profit or loss, how to reduce their expenses, how to make the most of their income or even how much they’re paying in salaries. So, if you complete some SAP FICO courses you’ll seriously boost your chances of landing a great job. Management training courses are focused on developing these managerial and leadership talents in students and teaching them best practice, core skills and the essential tools and techniques that deliver results. At the end of the course you will be able to demonstrate your management style with confidence and conviction and draw on a range of approaches to suit each situation you come across. On many courses the number of students allowed to enrol tends to be restricted, this is done in order to ensure that each individual receives the maximum amount of attention possible from tutors. Financial management software helps businesses monitor and track finances and, very importantly, ensures that businesses operate within national policies and regulations and keep up to date with their taxes.

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