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Differences in the roles and responsibilities between ramp management and the overall traffic management program.
Objective 2: Understand the issues, activities and policies that are needed to support ramp management and control.
Objective 3: Understand the activities that comprise traffic management program development.
If approved for state funding, the project then gets incorporated into the regional TIP and is then considered for inclusion in the state TIP.
Consider feedback from the system users as part of the evaluation, so as not to rely solely on the technical results.
Detailed information on how to conduct performance monitoring, evaluation, and reporting can be found in Chapter 9 of this handbook as well as in Chapter 4 of the Freeway Management and Operations Handbook.

Talent Management & Staff Development is responsible for providing the tools and support for leaders to effectively align the University of California's human capital with organizational objectives. Talent Management and Staff Development work across the UC system in collaboration with learning and development groups to deliver training programs that best support all leadership levels. The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is designed to strengthen the engagement and preparation of high-potential UC supervisors, managers and professionals in an intensive, off-site assessment center experience for early career managers. Effective January 1, 2005, California law (AB1825) requires two hours of mandatory sexual harassment prevention education for all supervisory employees. We research and gather various best practice principles in an effort to identify opportunities to better serve UC. In addition to staff supervisors, most academic employees (including all faculty) have been identified as having supervisory authority for the purposes of this law, and as such, are required to receive the training. The program will include campus explorations where participants will interview campus leaders and have the opportunity to visit and learn about the institution.

We are a systemwide unit that oversees training and development, talent acquisition and executive recruitment, and all their associate processes, to best optimize the performance of each employee at UC. If you’d like to learn more about the below programs please contact your local learning and development representative.
New supervisory employees must receive the training within six months of their assumption of a supervisory position.
Remember to never enable a macro unless you’re expecting the file or it comes from a trusted site or person.

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