The programme is designed to prepare and develop students for careers in Human Resource Development. Course OverviewThe course provides the development of in-depth knowledge and understanding of HRD within a wider organisational and contextual framework. Applicants who do not meet the above criteria may be admitted to the course provided their professional or managerial experience is deemed to be appropriate. International students for whom English is not a first language will be requested to provide evidence of sufficient command of spoken and written English to meet the demands of the programme in accordance with University requirements, normally at least IELTS at 6.0. Students also participate in a programme of organisational visits, workshops and CPD events (in liaison with the CIPD and Chartered Management Institute (CMI)) to provide application and networking opportunities. Introduction of Human Resources Management: Definition, Importance of Human Resources, Objectives of Human Resources Management, Qualities of a good personnel manager ? Evolution and growth of Personnel Management in India. Human Resource Policies: Need, type and scope ? Advantage for a written policy -Human Resources policies and work Culture. Human Resources Planning: Long and Short term planning, Job Analysis, Skills inventory, Job Description and Job Specification.
Performance Evaluation: Ranking, rating scales, critical incident method, Removing subjectivity from evaluation, MBO as a method of appraisal, Job evaluation, Criteria for Promotions and job enrichment.

Time Management: Importance of Time factor, Time waster, Prioritizing Work Scheduling, Functions of the Time Office, Flexible Work arrangements.
Strategic planning ? Marketing Management process ? Analysis marketing opportunities, selecting target consumers, developing marketing mix. Marketing Research as an aid to marketing, Marketing Research Process ? Sales forecasting ? Techniques. Buyer behaviour; influencing factors on Consumer Behaviour ? Buying situation ? Buying decision process ? Industrial buyer behaviour. Product policies ? consumer and industrial product decisions, branding, packaging and labeling ? New product Development and Product life cycle strategies. Promotions ? Advertising scope, designing copy, media selection, Sales promotions strategies.
Sales force decisions, Selection, Training, Compensation and Control Consumer protection ? Awareness of consumer rights in the market place. The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? Current issues in HRD are explored and students will develop techniques applicable to enable application of a range of HRD skills to organisations in which they are likely to operate.

Course work  take various forms including a work-based project, small research projects, presentations, case study analysis, reflective statements and a skills portfolio.
The content of the programme is vocationally focused, using real case studies of current organisations. Student who successfully complete part one, the PgDip, will also receive Internationally recognised CIPD recognition towards Chartered Membership of the CIPD. Students are encouraged to share their own work experience and apply their knowledge and skills in creative and innovative ways. Students on the full time programme or who are not currently in employment may be able to base their projects on companies from the extensive SBS employer network to provide alternatives to work based assignments.

Articles on communication skills in the workplace
Communication barriers in business organization


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